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Image gallery preview doesn't make sense

The "image gallery" section on this page is very odd: http://farmhack.org/tools/triangle-quick-attach-3-point-hitch

There are 43 pictures in the gallery, but the preview image is the first two pictures, with messed-up overly narrow aspect ratios. It would be nicer to have some indication of the number of photos in the gallery, or even better, a grid of thumbnails for all 43 images to make it easy to browse to the photos of interest.

dorn's picture

I have put this on the issue que and I hope we can make changes to it soon. I think you are correct that there should be an indication of the number of photos and some way to more easily preview before viewing.   The other option is to embed the relevant photos directly into the wiki text, but that has its own issues too.  

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