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iFarm (Imaging For Agricultural Research and Management) field day

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Help and learn about documenting regenerative agricultural systems using open source technology

On Sat, May 18th at noon, folks will be gathering in Lee, NH to test many iFarm technologies and techniques, including NDVI, and Spectral analysis. Images from last year’s event can be found here
There will be ample opportunity to put cameras and digital equipment in the air with balloons, kits and aircraft to document cover crop and grain trials and silvopasture treatments (forest management where grasses are being established in the understory). The trials are part of the sustainable agriculture program at the University of New Hampshire and as part of the PhD program for Dorn Cox of Green Start (http://www.greenstartnh.org). Dorn Cox hopes this will make the data more accessible for presentations, develop quantitative methods for image analysis, and facilitate data and systems knowledge exchange. Jeffrey Warren and other Public Labs contributors such as Chris Fastie with his near-infrared-camera rig (http://publiclaboratory.org/notes/cfastie/5-8-2012/stitched-panoramas-pl...) will be joining us to help with out with the balloon mapping of the plots. Check out the Public Laboratory site for more information on balloon mapping (http://publiclaboratory.com/tool/balloon-mapping) and spectral analysis (http://publiclaboratory.com/tool/spectrometer)..
Stick around afterwards to share project ideas and discuss open source hardware and software and for a potluck BBQ around the big grill at the farm ….
Location and Time
Saturday, May 18, 2012 @ noon
Meet at 59 Randall Rd, Lee NH and then off to the fields.
Please use this forum to discuss the event or call Dorn Cox at 603.781.6030 to RSVP.