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I want to create a hydroponic system for apartments that "just works"

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Hello! I'm competing on an entrepreneurship event and I have this idea to make a small, very easy to use, automated hydroponic system, that people can buy and put on their apartment with little effort. I have 3 weeks to make a prototype, and the only thing I know is computer science and I have an arduino! My friend that studies biology will be in my group, and I want to ask for ideas of a small prototype and how the prototype would work. The thing I have in mind is a very small system that holds itself on the floor, and you can grow just a couple plants. I have little idea how the water pump would work.

We're both 20, very excited and determined.

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I'd encourage you to contact Main Street. They're gurus. Email them. 

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Hi acko,

I've been evaluating the designs for hydroponics on the http://www.spacebuckets.com/ site. "Space Buckets" sounds kind of crazy but there is a lot of very modular/portable/efficient/space-effective designs being iterated there. On the topic of controlling water flow, "solenoid valve" is the keyword. Different valves run on different voltages which would require different "relays" that run a matching voltage. Lots of wiring required there. But I must say, I crave a plug and play solenoid valve. Ever heard of Universal Serial Bus (USB)? Solenoid manufacturers haven't ;-). There might be a market there. 

- RJ

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Some more inspiration over at Grove Labs -> https://grovelabs.io/