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How to collect temperature data with farmOS and a Raspberry Pi

I created a video tutorial on how to collect temperature data using a Yoctopuce Temperature Sensor, Raspberry Pi, and farmOS.  Check it out!


case495maine's picture

I've got all the gear for the rasp pi/yoctopuce wifi temp sensor but when I go to configure the fido the site openpipekit.org does not have the database configuration that your fido wifi video describes. I am not great with computers but feel confident that I should be able to do this easily. What am I missing here? HELP!

R.J. Steinert's picture

Hi case495maine -


The Open Pipe Kit website lives at https://openpipekit.github.io

The .org address was just a shortcut to the website that we decided not to bother paying for. Sorry about the confusion.

danriba's picture

Great video tutorial!

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