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Guide to Posting

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This "tool" is in the concept phase so these are just some tentative guidelines. If you think they're restrictive or don't fit your need, feel free to contradict or innovate!

Threads in this forum should be one of two things: a developer looking for resources or resources looking for a developer.

Developer Looking for Resources (D4R) You've got a project that needs funding? What's the best way to persuade people to fork over their greenbacks?

I think that looking at what works on Kickstarter will give you a good idea, but here are the basics: offering tangible results and rewards are ideal. Providing a video is a great way to let people get a feel for you. Demonstrating your credentials and giving them confidence that you can reach your objective is also great.

Also, feel free to borrow and neglect as much as you want from the Kickstarter model. Offering a deadline and an all-or-nothing objective works in some situations but might not be right here - perhaps if you get close enough you'll bring it to Kickstarter to complete funding.

Finally, although people might not be able to pledge money to your project, you may find help in finding grants or in the development process itself!

Resources Looking for Developer (R4D) You've identified a problem that needs solving and you're willing to help someone with the skills and knowledge work on it? Whether you're willing to offer yourself up as a prototyping candidate, as a guide in finding and writing grants, or would be willing to contribute $x dollars to R&D, you should write a post! Starting a thread will do two things: (1) allow other people like you to pool together resources, (2) advertise a bounty for developers.