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Give organizations their own page on Farm Hack

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From the Farm Hack Website planning that's been happening, Dorn Cox came up with a design for a new type of page on the website, an organization. Here's my estimate on time/cost of hiring someone to develop it.

  • Theme org profile (6 hours)
  • Manage org members functionality (4 hours)
  • add relationship to org field on tools (1 hour)
  • Org’s tools View (6 hours)
  • Org members’ forum activity View (6 hours)
  • Org events attended/attending (6 hours)
  • Test and deploy (8 hours) total hours: 37 hours @ $40/hour = $1,480
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I think this article provides interesting background on workflow and reducing barriers to entry for posting - and is worth considering as we design the next web site improvements and integrate with other partners.


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Another example to draw on and to link in with (a Farmhack curated kickstarter page etc.)