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Foodtree; free social marketing tool (web & mobile) for food producers.

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I've obviously a little biased but would be remiss not to suggest adding Foodtree to the list of tools for farmers and food business owners; we've got a free web and mobile app for sharing your food with food lovers. It's a simple way to share "where to buy" and "where we source from" information with food consumers directly, on any mobile phone. We also built a free iPhone app specifically for sharing photos of food and tagging those photos with Where Found and Where From information.

We're big believers that transparency is a driving force for change in food, and we've built Foodtree to enable food system stakeholders and food advocates to connect the dots in the food system to surface great food and the story behind what we're eating.

I'm a founder, and happy to answer any questions! As you'll see from my previous post, we're also a founding member of the effort behind the Open Food Data Movement.