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Fido or Apitronics?

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After a breaker tripped in the chicken palace last night, I now have an immediate need to implement a temp sensor alert system. Louis - at this point do you recommend building a FIDO, or is the apitronics close enough that I could piggyback something on top of that (soon)?

Thanks from -11F in Vermont

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We're almost there with the new product! It'll be ready for shipping mid-March right (I need to update my Kickstarter backers since the projection was February).

So that's all I can tell you. Hopefully the new (Zigbee) architecture works for your range. Modules can go up to a mile without too much interference. Here's a tutorial about it from the Kickstarter.

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Thanks for the update Louis! That helps - I'll do a FIDO now and upgrade to the apitronics when that comes out. The Zigbee range is fine for on compound, but I'd like to have a way of sending an off-property alert. Ideally an internet interface that could be used as email to text, tweets, etc. Are you planning on integrating with any of the XBee interface modules, or should I look into doing that?

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Yes we're definitely working on integrating that onto the Apitronics platform - basically a browser based interface where you can choose any sensor, give it upper and lower bounds, and ask for text or email alerts based on that.

Also, a demo video for that is here (skip to 1:50)