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Feature: Ability to mark Topic as a "Call To Action"

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We've talked about this idea in the community before and I think it's time I implemented it. When tools need volunteers they absolutely need a way to broadcast it. Putting a notice on the wiki page works if someone comes across your tool page's wiki wiki but we really need a distinct way to BROADCAST a call to action. This could be important even for things like event organizing or in the Farm Hack Talk forum for things that might not even have tool pages yet (creating a tool page might be a call to action). Here's what I think might be a good way to tackle this:

  • A button you see when viewing topics that says "mark this as a call to action". Let anyone click it.
  • A button on topics marked as a Call to Action that says "mark this call to action as resolved". Let anyone click it.
  • A list of calls to action for a tool on a tool page. Put it near the top of the page.
  • A small list of calls to action on the front page of FarmHack.net.
  • A big list of calls to action on its own page linked from the main menu.