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FarmHack NH schedule of events

We are looking forward to a great weekend in New Hampshire.
The planned schedule of events is as follows:

Saturday, November 19, afternoon
2-4pm open tour of on-farm processing technology at Tuckaway Farm in Lee NH
4-5 pm begin discussion of opensource documentation and reverse engineering of farm technology – this will use an on-site example of a working farm scale oat dehuller
5 – 7 Break for evening meal
7- later brainstorming bonfire at Tucakway Farm
Sunday, November 20 – Lee Grange Hall (tentative location)
9-10 Coffee and idea exchange
10-12 Design Charrette working groups on post harvest processing
Lunch break (lunches available to purchase)
1-2 presentations of work groups
2-4 Open space, strategic planning

Post if you have any questions about the weekend!
– Benjamin Shute, co-organizer of FarmHack NH

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