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Farm Hack @ Maker faire 2013

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Several members of the Farm Hack team just got back from the World Maker Faire in NYC this past weekend. The Farm hack area had great deal of traffic all weekend with lots of questions, interest and interaction with the group of tools we brought from all over New England. The tools included everything from pedal powered root washer, water pump, and tractors, and flame weeder, to aerial imagery equipment and electronic field sensors. We put the call out to all the makers out there to apply their skills to help control our own destiny and build a better, more resilient, accessible food system. The Make Magazine folks were great to work with and Public Labs was a great partner to be located with again with lots of great cross pollination going on. Lets post more images and videos as they become available!

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I was very pleased to find you at The Faire this past weekend. I'm looking forward to digging into the site and community more. I run a maker space on the island of Maui, and am active with the local Farmers Union United. It is very cool to see others bringing hacking to agriculture

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Hi isdale - welcome to the website! You can browse lots of projets in the Tools section :)

I just wanted to share a picture with everyone of the tools in the truck. It's kind of funny for me to see all those interesting tools loaded up like that.

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As a longtime online stalker of farmhack it was great to finally meet you guys and see some of the tools in action. Dorn, I would love to chat further and invite you to represent Farm Hack at the up coming Harvest Festival at Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth NH on Saturday Nov 16th.


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I have been meaning to get out to the Port City maker Space - amazing that we have to go to Queens to meet. We are also working on another NH event for next year with a whole bunch of partners that I would love to get you involved with. Drop me a personal e-mail and lets catch up in person soon.

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Some more Photos from World Maker Faire 2013 - some taken with telescoping fibreglass pole from above since it was too gusty for kites and too windy for a balloon shot.