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Post where you will be coming from, and if you are offering or looking for a seat!

Louis's picture

My 5 passenger car will be leaving around 6pm in an effort to meet Ithaca, NY before midnight. Entertainment for the driver, gas, and a lack of farting are expected of passengers.

0. Louis
1. RJ

Timothy Weber's picture

I'm a non-driver living in Fall Creek [downtown Ithaca] and would love to hitch a ride up to EcoVillage for the event on Saturday, and back.

Devon Van Noble's picture

Hey Timothy,

I would love to give you a ride up on Saturday morning, but I will be heading up very early. would you want to come up and help me set up around 8am?

Best, Devon

Timothy Weber's picture

Thanks so much! I need to work out child care arrangements for that day, so I'll get back to you privately - hope to have a plan this weekend.