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If you are local and have extra space for fellow farm hackers to crash, camp etc, post it here! Or if you are coming from out of town and looking for a place to stay - do the same!

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I rent rooms on my farm in Groton, NY for visitors to Ithaca. Please call 607-280-1075. This is a goat and poultry farm. We have dogs and until recently a cat in the house. If you have allergies to animals this isn't the place you want to be. If you are coming to the area call for availability.

rachelatNOFANY's picture

I found a place! I recommend using this board :). See everyone this weekend--Rachel

brshute's picture

If anyone has a place where I can roll out my sleeping bag in Ithaca on Saturday night, please get in touch at ben@heartyroots.com. Thanks! --Ben Shute, Hearty Roots Community Farm + Farm Hack organizer

Louis's picture

RJ and I will be getting in late (11pm or midnight) on Friday night. Two questions:

1) Anybody care to host us? We'll have sleeping pads and sleeping bags so a floor indoors would be fantastic! Email me: thiery.louis@gmail.com

2) If not, how does the Ecovillage camping work? Is there a contact person for that?

Kristen Loria's picture

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO CAMP AT ECOVILLAGE FRIDAY NIGHT - You will need to call Devon Van Noble (727-410-4073) from Groundswell to tell him when you will be arriving. He will be there friday evening to help people find the camping spot. It's fine to call him on Friday, preferably with a little heads up. It may rain friday evening, so don't forget your tarps.