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Farm Hack: IOWA

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Hello hackrarians,
A flood of conversations at the MOSES conference has started the ball rolling for a Farm Hack event IN IOWA THIS SUMMER (2012).
Location and exact date is TBD, but likely end of June.
Respond to this thread to GET ON THE NOTIFICATION LIST!!
New Belgium brewery and the National Young Farmers Coalition are on board as sponsors, with many more to come.

Hack on!

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Farm Hack:IOWA is on like donkey kong!

JUNE 20-21 @ Echollective Farm, Iowa City, Iowa.

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Hi Grant-- Let me know when you have a graphic for the event and/or rsvp and/or schedule and I will put together a page at farmhack.net/iowa for the event and link to it from the front page. You can send it to farmhack@youngfarmers.org