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FabFarm - Makerspace collaborative Network

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open source energy
comparison europe and africa at night based on NASA photo

The FabFarm network invites Hack-Spaces, Maker-Spaces FabLabs or what ever you name it to get connected for collaborating in projects. We thought it would be nessesary to get the farming in focus of some more open-source developer. Like the FabLab network, the FabFarm network is meant to make a connection between makers arround the world to get involved in some collaborative open-source projects. open-source-energy-concepts We also have a partner based in Uganda africa becuase we think it is our duty to spread open source and espacially open-source farm projects to developing countries. Our first FabFarm is based in Duesseldorf germany the second one would be the one in uganda.

Therefore we also started a new maker movement called the open-source energy movement. Why that? Because we will need to spread energy infrastructure to enable making in developing countries while most people haven't access to electricity in those countries were all starts with. open source energy comparison europe and africa at night based on NASA photo So we also put together a campaign for collecting some money that would help us to realize the first FabFarm Maker space in Uganda at a self-learning institute which is a registered legal non-profit organization we support. The campaign looks not best as we know and therefore didn't get the attention needed. Maybe it also confuses that we also started the Open-Source World Foundation as a non-profit to host the support fund from the campaigns income. It's also meant to be an organization to support open-source projects in general, espacially open-source hardware development related to solar energy and farm tools.

May you like to get in touch, on board or just support us with a small donation at: indiegogo campaign

Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting