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Expose subscriptions metrics in UI

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Making an edit, posting a topic, and posting a comment means a lot more when you know someone is actually going to be notified about it. It also helps to gauge where the interest is.

R.J. Steinert's picture

Probably the most important feature for holding us together, bringing us back, giving us faith we are talking to someone.

By seeing who our notification will be sent to, we know we are heard, we know it's worth speaking.

By making it easy to manage what we hear, we are better at being proactive in the places that matter to us.

jbd's picture

The number of reads and possibly the popularity of the article wrt other articles in the same group. I think exposing user names might be seen as a challenge to privacy.

Dorn's picture

I agree that the ranking should be based on numbers of subscribers/followers- and possibly displayed as a ranking, to give a bit of pride, but without exposing actual numbers or individual subscriber identities directly.