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EDYN smart garden

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Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions, helping you make your plants thrive. The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture, and then cross-references this information with plant, soil science, and weather databases to recommend which plants will thrive. Check the Edyn app to see the plants that will grow best, the optimal time for planting, and even plant groupings with the same conditional needs. Edyn continuously monitors conditions and alerts you to changes that require immediate action. Expect a ping from Edyn detailing moisture levels, suggesting what type of organic fertilizer to use, and helping you find the optimal sunlight for every plant in your garden. Unlike pre-set sprinklers, the Edyn Water Valve automatically controls your existing water system based on data collected by the Garden Sensor and adapts to every change in the weather forecast. You’ll save water, lower your utility bills, and never worry about thirsty plants again. You can also use the Edyn app to manually control the Water Valve, allowing you to water your plants from anywhere. A solar panel keeps your Garden Sensor charged, and a smart power algorithm ensures the device stays online even during cloudy weather. See http://vimeo.com/97291773

Garden Snapshot. See real-time data about your garden or farm at any time from anywhere.

Dig Deeper. Get down to the details about your garden or farm with all the vital information, insights, database analysis, and trends just a screen tap away.

Ongoing Guidance. Edyn’s advice is based on science and data from your garden, not generalities. Recommendations and alerts help you understand exactly what your garden needs and what actions to take.

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Edyn looks like an impressive product. I would love to see the knowledge being gained from farms around the world being shared with the open source commons. It's scary to think what would happen if we all depended on Edyn and then they disappeared.

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*Disclaimer: I work on Open Source projects similar to Edyn.

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And that's why you use Open Source

What's your Foss project?

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@sam_uk - I help out with maintaining Fido http://farmhack.org/tools/fido-temperature-alarm-sends-text-messages