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Done: Can I edit my posts on the forum retroactively?

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Can I edit my posts on the forum retroactively? I have a poor habit of submitting posts and proof-reading them after (ie: I skip preview). Also, sometimes I'll reread my post a day later and want to reword things. Is there an edit button that I missed or is it not a functionality of the forum?

EDIT: First off, isn't this kind of meta? Anyway, I clearly found the Edit button for this post but then went to a reply that I wrote to a different post and realized there is no way to edit that. So in short, it seems like only first posts can be edited and then replies cannot be? Is this supposed to be an analogy for CC Share-alike? Originators can change their mind but downstream contributors can't? :P

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Haha amazing, so meta. This one is definitely influenced by my experience in the Drupal issue queues where the original text is editable by anyone and the comments are permanent. Having the original text editable allows you to update the thread AT THE TOP so when the thread gets into the triple digits then someone can edit the original text to summarize the discussion. In the Drupal community we suffer from conversations that will start up again like 50 times because no one has the time to read the whole conversation.

As for the needing to go back and edit in general, I agree, I'm the same way and I try to use the preview button as much as possible to force myself to reread things. Unfortunately there is something funny with the preview mode right now. See http://dev.farmhack.gotpantheon.com/forums/clicking-preview-button-forum-topics-results-error.

I also see a need to keep comments permanent for accountability. I think it keeps people civil. I might be wrong though.

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Inspired by Louis's comment that got mangled from a text filter, I enabled am more flexible text filter AND enabled user's to edit their own comments. Maybe in the future we'll lock this down but for now it's a nuisance especially while preview comment isn't working.

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Correction: Preview comment is working, preview forum post is not so I disabled it.

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Marked as done and moved to the Website Ideas Forum.