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DIY Well Workshop

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We are holding a workshop in Washington on Sept 13,14, 15. We are trying to spread the word as it promises to be something quite special.

Please see our Kickstarter campaign to try and spread the word, help us fund our endeavor, and to potentially create a business in the future of selling the well drilling apparatus. We are aiming to inspire and instruct people to use simple Appropriate Technology to do their own well works. We are offering plans, photos, and descriptions through our kickstarter campaign. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/145338566/diy-well-designing-drilling-installing-using-bike.

We have a permaculture homestead on the South Slope of the Olympic mountains in Washington state. We have wanted a well ever since we got our land one year ago. our water is very pure and is only 15 feet below ground. We have spent a lot of time researching and learning about everything WELL related. We have brought on an engineer to help us with this research and design of our system. We decided to make it into a bigger project than it needed to be. We have turned the process of digging and installing the well into a workshop, please see our website if you're interested. clearwatersanctuary.weebly.com

Students will get to participate in the entire project during 3 days, where all top quality food is provided by me Chef Steve and there is lots of camping space, hiking trails, a stream, and the like for them to enjoy, and learn about the theory of plumbing, geohydrology, bicycle mechanics, and well design. We are going to be digging our well by hand with a custom well drilling apparatus we made. We plan to dig it to 40ft by hand. We plan to install a pressure tank and a bicycle powered system to pump the water out and pressurize it.

This kind of system is quite cutting edge and advanced. We also plan to make it compatible for a windmill that can be installed at a later date to do the pumping. The bicycle should only need to be ridden about 15 minutes per day to create plenty of pressure(40psi) for regular household use.

We have designed the system to be most applicable to other people wishing to do a DIY well drilling and installing system of there own. Our workshop is intended so that all participants can replicate what they learned in their own installation.