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Demo Builds at Farm Hack-Ithaca

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Hey everyone,

As part of Farm Hack-Ithaca we will be building some low cost farm equipment, including a Cool Bot cooler and a converted vegetable washing machine, with the help of some experienced farm mechanics.

-- Cool Bot Cooler --
There is a lot of information about the construction, specifications, and troubleshooting for the Cool Bot at www.storeitcold.com , and there is a video from the creator, Ron Khosla, available, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTR6yfep8dM&feature=player_detailpage

At Farm Hack Ithaca, Aaron Munzer, co-farmer of Ploughbreak Farm and the technical support guy for the Cool Bot company, will be leading the construction of the Cool Bot Cooler for the Groundswell Incubator Farm.
I will post more info about our own design into this forum, as well as video from the demo-build. We are really looking forward to this build, and if you have ever considered building a cold-storage unit for your garden, homestead, or farm-- we encourage you to bring your questions to the demo. As Aaron has been telling me, one of the first design decisions is to choose whether we want to make our Cooler mobile or stationary.. It seems as though Groundswell's trainees will benefit from mobile unit, so we are in search of an 8' or 10' trailer...

-- Vegetable Washing Machine Conversion --
As part of a small processing station for the Incubator enterprises, Rob Rock from Pitchfork Farm at the Intervale Center in Burlington,Vermont, will be leading the conversion of a "front-loading Amana washing machine" that he says is the best machine for converting for vegetables.
How important is it that we get an Amana, Rob? :) Their front-load washer can be hard to find..

We encourage you to come be part of building this equipment first hand, and take away some of the skills to do it yourself, on Saturday and Sunday, October 20th & 21st. If you have any other ideas for equipment that would serve as a good demonstration build, please suggest them by replying below.

Look forward to seeing you all then,

Devon Van Noble
The Groundswell Center