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Cultivar's RainCloud: Smarter irrigation using sensors and the web.

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Cultivar's RainCloud is an irrigation system and web app platform designed for convenient, intelligent and networked water management.

We are running a Kickstarter campaign in September to support the project and would love your help!

RainCloud is supporting a bottom-up agriculture movement by putting mobile and smarter water management in the palm of your hand with a web connected irrigation system and application platform. RainCloud links your mobile device to lawns, gardens and plants by combining automated water valves, professional quality soil sensors, a wifi enabled programmable computer and custom web applications. With RainCloud, Cultivar is striving for hardware, communication and information systems that are flexible and support the evolution of environmentally responsible precision agriculture, mobile lifestyles and community co-operation. We are asking for your help as we expand development and production of RainCloud.

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It as nice meeting you at Maker Faire. Here's the link to your Kickstarter for folks who might be looking for it. It sounds like a cool project for controlling irrigation. We'd love to see some documentation for it on the Farm Hack Tools Wiki. For folks interested in monitoring weather data on their farm, check out the Apitronics Weather Buff package that will be available until October 5th on Kickstarter.

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It was great to meet you as well! I will be happy to post more info before long. This week looks to be crazy as we are working with Washinton State University to submit a proposal to the UNSD SBIR solicitation and wrap up the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for adding a link to our Kickstarter. I hope both of our projects are successful! I will look to support yours now!

Best, Ryan

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Good luck on the SBIR grant!

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Great to meet you at Maker Faire as well Ryan. I really appreciate the work that you are doing and hope that we can help find more applications and cross pollination with other Farm Hack projects. It would be great if you are able to post a tool wiki about your product - I am happy to answer questions and help how ever I can. Drop me a private e-mail any time.

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