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Consolidate Tool Forum Topic Categories to just 2, Information and Question

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Hi everyone, I'm sitting on a bus on my way up to Burlington, VT and I've been trying to imagine the future when we start getting folks talking in the Tool forums and building documentation in the wikis. This coming weekend at the RISD event folks will be asking what these Tool Wikis and Tool Forums are for and I'm having a hard time imagining my explanation without a 15 slide PowerPoint presentation :P. So, I think it would make everyone's lives a lot easier if we simplified the categories for Tool Forum Topics.

We currently have: - Submit your own "How To Build" - Submit an idea or new information - Ask a question - Submit Feedback or info on a Field Trial - Write a "How To Use"

And I propose we reduce that to: - Ask a question - Submit and Idea or New Information

The "Idea or New Information" category name says the same thing twice. An idea IS new information, so maybe we want that category to be just "Submit Information". Either way, these new categories now separate Tool forum posts into Questions and Information which I think is pretty simple yet still a powerful distinction.