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Charrette Group: Quadracycle Harvester/Weeder

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Quadracycle (4 wheeled bicycle) for ergonomic transportation:

Weeding and harvest functionality: wheels can weed pathways (similar to a rototiller) Wheels run along pathways with user suspended over the bed User can harvest berries and other low growing crops, or hand weed bed. Possible cultivation add-on *User is in prone position, suspended over bed Power train is most efficient mode of energy transfer

Problem addressed: Improves ergonomics of harvesting, and thus efficiency

Bill of materials: wheelset - big fat larry -> from Surly (from $0 to $1000) metal or wood frame with central I-beam ($0-$250) Harvest basket ($0-$20) Bicycle drive train ($0-$250) body support steering linkage

Total Cost ($0 salvage/found to $1,500 new)