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Can we make iframe embedding work in forum posts?

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I thought that the OpenHour would be more appropriately posted as a forum topic but I was unable to embed it as an iframe link--> I put it in the tool wiki instead but I'm not sure it really belongs there. Any ideas?

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I like the idea of a tool wiki to document this method of communication for the community- I think you can embed the iframe but the text format has to be in markdown syntax and HTML- here it is:

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RJ spent the summer testing the Open Source temperature alarm known as Fido in greenhouses--he'll be reporting back his results and observations. He'll also talk about lessons learned from working to get internet to remote greenhouses.

Please join us for our first OpenHour! You can find the livestream both here on the forum and in the tool wiki for "OpenHour". If you miss the livecast, the conversation will be recorded and available here!

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