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CAD Files

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I have yet to find any CAD files on FarmHack. There are a lot of .jpegs of CAD files. Do users have to contact the developer for access to CAD files?

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But I wonder how a tool like this might work for the Farm Hack community? GrabCAD

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To test, I just tried to post a CAD drawing exported from sketchup. The current forum supports uploading .dwg files, but not .dxf for some reason. We should put a request to expand that. A sample .dwg file is included with this post...

Right now I think the reason folks are posting images of CAD files rather than the CAD files themselves is that the tool wikis do not make it easy to share files other than images. We could do some workarounds until something is coded by linking to other sites, or using forum posts to attach .dwg files.

The current workaround are the sketchup drawings posted to Farm Hack through 3D warehouse links (Here is one collection - https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user.html?id=0892628611291470687637722 ) These can be exported to CAD files fairly easily. I would love to see some more discussion around how we would like to create, link to and archive 3D models within the Farm Hack community.

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We have .sldprt and .dxf files. We are unable to upload to 3D Warehouse because we are not using sketchup at this point, but we are able to upload to GrabCAD, which is free. Culticycle CAD files

Do you know of anyone who uses GrabCAD on FarmHack?

Let us know if the .dwg v. .dxf issues gets fixed for the FarmHack page.

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I used some file conversion plugins for solidworks and posted the part to 3d warehouse here:


Also uploaded in in dwx and exported to dwg