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Bring back the blog!

I know that it's been a question in the community about whether having a curated blog reflects the intention of a flat structure for farmhack. I just wanted to weigh in on the side of having a blog for the community. A curated space allows the community leadership (even within a flat structure) to provide suggestions about where the community might look for inspiration, etc. This is a natural outgrowth of community members taking on different roles for themselves within a self-regulating community. As long as the blog is a platform that is open to those who wish to step in to contribute, I see no conflict in returning it to the site and I think that it's an asset for the community.

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I agree that user blogs would be useful, but the word DGrover used (curated) has a lot of hidden technical details - who would do and how would curating be done? Especially in a community. I think we would need applications (as users apply to curate something) that would need veting (who does that) and/or voting and inviting users to curate. Maybe a moderated forum would be better?

There's also the question of evolution of a curated blog... If blogs are originally "owned" by one (or more) people, then how should they morph from being a single person blog, to a group/community blog?

Note that I think much of the problem is "how do we handle as a group" rather than "what technology do we use".