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bilingual resource person for quick hitches

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I just joined farm hack. I live in Quebec, speak French, own a copy of the book in question, have dealt with the publishers in France previously to order a quantity of the manuals and generally have a pretty good idea what the deal is. Translation is likely to be a big undertaking for something on this scale but I'm interested to be part of the discussion or maybe translate elements of the Triangle design that need translation.

I haven't yet built triangle hitches for the implements on our farm but it's firmly placed in the mid to upper part of my endless list of priorities.

Note that the folks from France recommend buying the male portion of the quick hitch from Lyng (or perhaps Jiffy Hitch in FL on this side of the pond) and then fabricating all your female frames. This is mostly because the locking mechanism, needs to be really robust, failproof and have a lawyer standing behind it. As such, the male design they provide in the guide uses a nut and bolt locking mechanism that's not "from the comfort of your tractor seat" slick but instead is intended to allow you to loan your trianglified implements to lesser mortal neighbours or mount them on a tractor that hasn't been blessed. I know a homebuilt locking mechanism isn't a huge challenge but when I stop to think about employees, apprentices and rushed implement mountings maybe they're right after all.

Glad I found this forum. Hope I can be of some help to someone interested in quick hitches and may it motivate me too.

~ reid

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Thank you for the offer of translation. I need to order a copy of the book myself. Based on some recent conversations, The ADABio folks were happy to have us post other designs as well - It would be great if you are able to translate and share any of the other designs you think would be useful to the community.

One of the issues it seems is translating the metric to standard steel stock dimensions. I have heard from another farmer that they have already built a version using standard stock, and am waiting to get the design from them to post. Another option would be finding a good supplier of metric steel for the C channel and square tube stock. It would be great to have them be cross compatible. It would also be good to know if the Jiffy hitch is cross compatible with the ADABio design.

Here is a link to a video about the jiffy hitch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID5xjHvT7qs and a link the the web site


I gave them a call and got current pricing
Female Cat I $331- Ca I HD $337 - cat II $ 459 cat II HD $524
male Cat I $637 - Cat II $736 Cat IIHD $824

The delta hook does not look to be compatible with this design http://www.deltahook.com/

I don't know if I will make my own male side, but compared with the work in a normal three point implement, a manual process of locking the top seems fairly easy and still avoids many of the safety issues involved with hitching up 3 point implements. I think from the open source perspective It would be terrific to build one to study and hopefully improve.