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Best bang for the buck sensor data collection mode

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Problem Statement

Hi, I'm just looking into recording data from our hoop houses in order to tweak our production methods. Any suggestions as to what modes of data retrieval I should consider? I'm looking for inexpensiveness, and ease of use. What methods of retrieving the data have folks tried? Hardwired, USB periodic download, all the flavors of wireless? Thanks in advance, Matthew

R.J. Steinert's picture

Hi Matthew, Here's a couple of questions to help narrow it down.

  • How many greenhouses?
  • Do the greenhouses have power?
  • Are they within a mile from a place you have an Internet connection?
  • What kind of data are you looking to record? ex. temperature, soil moisture, humidity, luminosity, etc.
  • How often do you want to review this data?
  • Are you looking for something that alerts you via text message or email when something is sensed outside of parameters you set?

\ R.J. Steinert

chefraw's picture

I have basically the same question. I basically want hard data to be able to compare my different practices. I have 500sq feet of raised bed gardens,16 boxes total. All are well within wyfy range, but I'd like to avoid plugging them in if possible.

I'd like to collect soil temp. and soil moisture for sure, Im at the beach so humidity tends to be fairly consistent. I guess maybe luminosity would be good? I'm looking for suggestions in this department. What are the key data most necessary?

What would be the most cost effective wireless device?


Scott Church's picture

I just got a Spotter from Home Depot for $40. It sits in my greenhouse/sunroom and monitors temperature, humidity, and light (also sound). It will send alerts to a phone or email, and I believe it will be capable of turning on and off other electronic devices, to include fans, pumps, and even window actuators. We'll see, but I'm liking the data I'm getting from it so far.