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Arduino ? Vermont??

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Hi Everyone,

Anyone in Vermont, NH working on this??

Long time since I worked on the Farm, but I am very involved with Arduino...

I write the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI and I'd like to include a project page on this if any of you want to collaborate on that.

I also run http://yourduino.com and would extend the 5% "Educational" discount to anyone in FarmHack...

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods in Vermont, USA terry@yourduino.com

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Hi Terry

You are welcome to post this project on your website - hopefully with a reference back to here :)

Something we've been investigating are ways to allow sites to share source to the same project. Kind of like the way branching and forking work in GitHub (we're actually exploring that as the back-end) - that way I could easily merge edits from your branch on ArduinoInfo. RJ might come along and tell you more about that.

Anyway, about collaboration, I'd love any contributions you'd have to the tool page here. I was planning to go through and try to simplify the page as much as possible soon anyway. I'd really appreciate your perspective on the general structure since you've no doubt spent a lot of type thinking about how tutorials need to be written.