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Advice from the FarmHack community for BBC tech programme

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Hello everyone!

Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section, apologies if not! Just to introduce myself - I'm part of the team that works on BBC tech programme Click - we're a weekly TV show that goes out on BBC News, BBC World and the BBC News Website.

We're in the initial stages of a project for which I was hoping to get the advice and possibly involvement from the Farm Hack community.

In a nutshell we're creating a 'tech allotment' with the aim of trying out a variety of gadgets and hopefully building some hacks ourselves (e.g. with arduinos). Were interested in trying out at any tech tools that make farming and growing easier/faster/more efficient and also talking to people doing this on a large or small scale.

We're based in London, UK so it would also be cool to talk to anyone in the agricultural hacking community over here. I appreciate this is a bit smaller scale than many of your projects, but it would still be great to hear your thoughts on what tech would be interesting to feature or create for the project.

I'll check back here, but you can also get in touch with me via stephen.beckett@bbc.co.uk or over on twitter http://twitter.com/StephenBeckett

Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

Currently being organized is an event in the UK in April. I don't know how much of the goings on will be relevant to Arduino but it would be a great place to tap into the FH community there in the UK. Ed Hamer of the Land Worker's Alliance is the main contact there. I'll intro you to him.

Relevant to arduino/raspberry pi on this side of the pond are Apitronics, Fido, and Open Pipe Kit.

Continue to be in touch with any questions you have and thanks for joining the conversation here!

Thanks for sharing your

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Thanks Daniel - very helpful indeed, have replied via email.