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Add language and change metricsystem and currency

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Hi, would like to try out your crop planning tool. It all look great. But to be fully useful for us in our CSA we would need a version where a few data entries could be changed. Since we also have english speaking persons in our project we would need to add more likely then change the whole scheme. For example here in Europe we have as you all know a different metric system, we would also like to change the currency to Swedish kronor, and names for the crops in Swedish simply so the csa members understand what they are growing in Swedish. By the doing so this adds up so the settings would be useful in at least 3 nordic countries.

Best Regards Johan in Malmö Sweden

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Good Evening Johan,

I am happy to hear that this tool looks useful to you. The good news is that the "English" system of measurement is not really built in to the tool; some things include labels with "/ft," for example, but there is no conversion being done and you could just imagine that it says "/m" or "Row Meters." In other words, the units will not affect the calculations. You can use any units you like, as long as you do it consistently.

The same idea applies to the currency; the "$" symbol is built in to the spreadsheet, but you can use the tool as if that symbol stood for kronor.

As for the names of the crops, those are always entered by the user (you). If you sign up for the tool, you will receive a blank copy, and you can use any crop names you want. They don't even have to be any natural language; you could use a secret code if you wanted to.

All of that aside, if you try the tool and think you will use it, I can work with you to change the units and the currency in your copy. It will not change the function of the tool, but maybe it will make things easier for you and your team.

Best, Bill