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Across scientific disciplines carbons are finding new utility to solve our most vexing problems. Hacking the Carbon Cycle

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If we replicate the Ecologic Services of the extinct megafauna, since 7 billion of us makes us the new Megafauna, then we could build back Soil Carbon with massive increases of Net Primary Production. An ecology not seen for 12,900 years. An Ecology not limited by Phosphorous, Sodium & lost Soil-C. A great synergy of the work restoring mine scarred lands & developing consumer, Horticultural & Agricultural markets.

Biochar systems have so many market applications yet to be cultivated; "Carbon Fodder" feeds for Livestock in the EU, Australia & Japan, Plant Chemical Communications, (plant signaling), even Char building materials such as Biochar-Plasters which block Cellphone signals, the potential markets are massive.

CoolPlanet's investors & CEOs project (assert) that they will be the first Trillion Dollar Company, based on their $1.50/Gal. cost to produce Bio-Gasoline. Biochar the by product.

For a complete review of the current science & industry applications of Biochar please see my 2014 Soil Science Society of America Biochar presentation. How thermal conversion technologies can integrate and optimize the recycling of valuable nutrients while providing energy and building soil carbon, I believe it brings together both sides of climate beliefs. A reconciling of both Gods' and mans' controlling hands.

Agricultural Geo - Engineering; Past, Present & Future Across scientific disciplines carbons are finding new utility to solve our most vexing problems

2014 SSSA Presentation; Agricultural Geo-Engineering; Past, Present & Future. https://www.soils.org/files/am/ecosystems/kinght.pdf