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Ability to embed imgur albums into tool wikis

Just curious if there's already a way to embed imgur albums into tool wikis. Seems like it'd be a nice way to organize pictures within the wiki.

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Here is a sample wiki that shows how to embed an imgur images and albums inline with text


Here are instructions for embedding albums

Just follow these steps:

1. Go to http://imgur.com/

2. Upload photos from your computer.

3. Be sure to select "Group images into an album".

4. Start the upload.

5. When all the images have been uploaded, you will be redirected to the album page.

6. Click on "Embed Album" - you'll be given a code to cut and paste. It looks something like this:

The xxxx is your album ID.

That's it. Your uploaded images should now appear within the post as a gallery.

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Thanks, I realized that it wasn't showing up in the preview of the page, and that was what was throwing me off. Once I looked at the tool wiki itself, the embed worked just fine.

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Thanks for the suggestion!- I will add it to the tool wiki template instructions.

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I put together a quick how to for embedding google docs into tool profiles or wikis, etc. You may want to click the gear (top right), and view in imgur to better see the screenshots.

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Great! I will add this to the tool template wiki right now. One thing to add is that in the embed code if the
width="100%" rather than a fixed pixel width- then the spreadsheet fills the available horizontal space- which can make it easier to read too.

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Hey, I added that to the imgur.

One weakness of using imgur to document is that then a portion of the documentation becomes more static and not readily editable by any contributor. Benefits probably outweigh cost but just something to be aware of.


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Here's an imgur of how to embed an excel spreadsheet into a tool wiki:

It's slightly more complicated than using docs but enables you to preserve your formatting from excel (sometimes importing an excel doc to drive can cause wonky formatting). You have to create a Microsoft acct and upload the sheet to their cloud platform, OneDrive. All in all, pretty easy!

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This section should also address alternative approaches to the problem addressed. If the tool has many functional components, or is very complex, it may work well to break up the posts by using "floating" wiki pages.