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60 Acres of Land Available in Florida

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I own 60 acres of land in Punta Gorda, FL and we are looking for a grower to occupy all or a portion of our land.

Please contact me if you are looking to get started or looking to expand your current operation

Thank you


954 610 9212

DrTiaJolie's picture

I live across the state from you in Jupiter. I am wrapping up my PhD in Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health. (My Info: www.TiaJolie.com/biography) I was planning to use a similarly sized plot north of me here on the Atlantic Coast for this effort. Will you please share with me a bit more about the property? Is it completely arable? Is it currently grown? If so, what is its crop/orchard status, please? Do you intend to retain ownership, co-partnership, tenancy or outright sale? Thank you!