Farm Hack Pedal Power--Boston

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Thanks to everyone who came to event! It was a great success and a lot of development and documentation is coming out of it for the Culticycle

A build and documentation-focused event bringing together pedal power designer/builders and video/sketchup/photo/text documentors for a day and a half of pedal power-related conversation, culticycle assembly, and documentation.

Hackpad for the event organizing

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PLease RSVP on the form below

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Wish I could go but I am working this weekend. It is exciting to see the interest and committment people have for this. Will try to make arrangements for the next one. Please post your accomplishments. Have a great time everyone!

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9-10: Meet and greet, coffee, make a plan for the day
9:15: Put together first culticycle

Once the first culticycle is assembled, we'll pause to do a design review and improvement brainstorm.

10-12:30: Build

Break up into build groups

Build Project Possibilities:

1 basket weeder

1 culticycle assemblies

1 culticycle build from scratch

1 belly mount ordered by Amy (@ Hawthorne Valley)

1 Brush weeder

excercycle project

12:30: Lunch and Lunch Conversation: Commercialization: what might it look like?
1:30-?: Continue Builds
end of build: Farm Hack happy hour either at Wenzaday's shop or out on the town.


9-12:30: Continue Build
10:00-11:00: Farm Shop Hacking: Techniques for Low Tech/Pedal Power Fabrication
12:30: Lunch!
1:30-?: Continue Build

Demos (throughout the event):

Grain grinder

lu's culticycle

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Definitely wish I could be there.

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