Multi Crop Harvester for Diverse Grow Operations

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Okay, guys--new here so bear with me. I am looking for a really intensive farm instrument that can do a LOT of different jobs. I am planning a farm which will be growing more than a thousand varieties of vegetables every year. some will be for sale, some seed. I am looking for better ideas for all crop harvesters-- Alis chalmers had them inthe 50s but now they are often in rough shape--does anyone know of a smart young company making something like this now--I need to be able to harvest seans, potatoes and amaranth with one machine--if it could plow, seed, till and balance my checkbook that would be GREAT. Thanks for any ideas!!!

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There is the New Idea Uni-Harvester concept. One power unit that can power various different havester components. I would be interested in exploring this. Where do you live?