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Developing Pedal or Human Powered Tractor baruch77 Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 5:14pm Friday, June 5, 2015 - 1:31pm 3

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Thanks for the links. Two did not work. The instructables and the inhabitat pages.
A couple more would be and

When I was farming in Michigan one problem was that all soybeans were sent to Illinois because there was no plant to process them, unless you hired someone to raost them. In Maine soy production is small for the same reason. But with these soy locally grown can be processed creating both oil and soymeal for feed.

Finally have a working protoype built and created a video for a GoFundMe campaign to raise startup capital. Once the tractor has been refined into a final product, I expect that we will be producing equipment for small and micro farms. This is a growing market and there is demand for green powered equipment. If all of you can comtribute a small amount so that I can get past the $500 threshold, GoFundMe will open up the campaign to the search engines, which then people around the world can contribute. Thanks to all. Here is the link to the video.
Or you can see it on You Tube with the title, "GFM Campaign".

There is the New Idea Uni-Harvester concept. One power unit that can power various different havester components. I would be interested in exploring this. Where do you live?

The first prototype/test chasis is advance enough to create a video for crowdfunding. Hopefully can shoot some video next week. Then editing and uploading the finished video. Capabilities achieved thus far are mobility, drawbar for pulling trailers and equipment, and a working three point hitch.

I thi moderation would be wise but that means somone would nopeed to ge committed to do it. More likely to get volunteers if it was to be on a rotational basis. I am working on forming a manufacturing company for my human powered tractor. Ready now to seek crowd funding to get the seed money. Once that happens and I no longer have to work two jobs then I will be able to nost and moderate something.
As for different paths would multiple tags work?

Flywheel: it will be important to disengage the flywheel when you want to stop or even slow down because it will continue to power the driveline. That is a feature I will be working in the coming months. Options for disengagement include a manual clutch system, electric clutch (think automotive A/C clutch), or electric solenoid. As soon as you want to slow down it will need to be disengaged.

Electric drive: Contemplating that too. Could be expensive. Check out and DIY Electric Car (can't paste the link on this site using my iPad.
What is the larger wheel someone is asking about?

If you want others to be able to edit a document on google then someone needs to host a folder on their Drive and give permission for others to share and edit based on their email address. Probably the simplest way. Evernote subscribers can share documents also.

It might be helpful for some of us to identify with your effort if we knew what "GNU" stands for.

Definitely wish I could be there.

Wish I could go but I am working this weekend. It is exciting to see the interest and committment people have for this. Will try to make arrangements for the next one. Please post your accomplishments. Have a great time everyone!

You may need them custom built. People that modify race car engines build their own oil pans from aluminum. What will you use them for? How about a wood box lined with HD aluminum foil?

Hi Emily,

If you are working on a culticycle design then you should post it on Tim's forum. Some people find this site hard to navigate. I recently started a forum on a human powered tractor (small farm) that I am building. It would have more capabilities but also more expensive. There will be a build in MA in March. Are you participating in that?

Try ebay. There are some there.

Waterville, Maine
Where and when? I am interested.

To understand how the latch works look at the quick hitches on the Land Pride website. Only the bottom links have a latch. The top just a hook. For Canada I suggest contacting the dealers. They should know of a source.

Unfortunately this form will not let my iPad paste. Not sure what you mean by biofuel. Biodiesel only works in diesel engines. Perhaps a sparkplug cannot ignite it and would foul if you try. Diesels have higher compression which creates the heat to ignite a fuel.

Hi Severine,
I am building a human powered tractor that will have three point hitch and pto. What features would you and others like to see on one and what kinds of apllications do you anticipate? With kinds of other equipment can be paierd with it?