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11/15/2015 Crop Hopper The Crop Hopper is a zero turn lawn mower converted into a cultivation tractor. Its equipped with spinning weeders like a "Regi weeder" that are controlled by the operator's hands while steering with foot peddles. It also has hilling discs, rear tire sweeps and a high clearance compost/harvest cart. This machine is being developed to address the need for affordable precision cultivation equipment, especially on sloped and rough land. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 11
11/11/2015 Custom 3D printable Jang Seeder Rollers Custom versions of seeder rollers for a Jang seeder. So far, the YX-24 and LJ-24 are adapted to become YX-48 and LJ-48 rollers to double the amount of seeds that are planted per revolution of the seeder wheel. Instead of alternating seeds one at a time on each side of the wheel, our wheel drops two seeds at a time. We also made the holes slightly deeper on the LJ-48. May 1, 2015 - Added the YX-80 for arugula seeds. 80 per revolution. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Planting 3 6
10/25/2015 culticycle A pedal powered tractor for cultivation and seeding, built from readily available lawn tractor, ATV, and bicycle parts. Speed is 3 - 4 mph depending on choice of gearing and pedaling speed. Better for operator's body, less soil compaction, no fuel use, cheaper than a tractor; easily adaptable to specific needs. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 10 56
10/25/2015 ColdSnap - Air Conditioner override controller The ColdSnap is an open source Air Conditioner override controller that tricks an ordinary window air conditioner into cooling below the design low-limit (typically about 60F) so that it can cool a room to a set point down to near freezing in order to provide cold storage. Like the commercial Coolbot, this unit senses both the room temperature and the evaporator fins temperature and drives a heater element (wrapped to the air conditioner sensor) so that the air conditioner thinks it still needs to cool the room until it reaches the setpoint - unless the evaporator fins reach the freezing point (would cause coil icing) triggering a holdoff period to allow defrosting. Ready to Build Crop storage 1 2
10/18/2015 Chicken Coop Sensor This is a wireless, solar powered chicken coop sensor that measures ambient temperature and relative humidity inside of a chicken coop. It is made out of the internals of the soil/garden sensor that I posted here. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 3
10/18/2015 Sweat Box Germination Chamber A "sweat box" style germination chamber built using readily available parts and a broken chest freezer. Early season germination can be inconsistent without a closely controlled environment for starting seeds. Commercial greenhouses use similar systems but the cost can be prohibitive for the small vegetable grower. Ready to Build Season extension, Energy, Irrigation and Water Management, Water, Planting 4 22
09/15/2015 Ndicea Nitrogen Management I nicked it from the Louis Bolck Institue. I tried to find the copy right rules, but couldn't, so I expect an open source program to be open source. It might be usefull for some of you guys, or maybe some digital wizard who want's to write some more coding in order for it to be even more usefull (eg more application with this one program) Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Irrigation and Water Management, Planting, Soil management 0 4
09/11/2015 Small Doser for Small Batch Produce Washing with Sanitizer This is a simple solution for measuring out up to 300 mL (10 fl. oz.) of liquid sanitizer such as Sanidate, Tsunami or Bleach to prepare wash solutions with water that address pathogen risk on fresh produce. Ready to Build Post Harvest, Water 0 17
09/03/2015 is hosted and built by Farm Hack community volunteers. Feel free to jump in and help out! Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 70 24
09/01/2015 Waterer for rotational grazing Easy to move, low cost watering system that reduces issues associated with fixed watering locations. Ready to Build Fencing and livestock management 0 5
08/25/2015 Agbuntu Agbuntu is a linux respin with applications preloaded for farmers. 0 1
08/25/2015 Portable Chainsaw Holder - for field work Portable Chainsaw Holder for in the field. This platform keeps your saw from moving around while you sharpen it. For directions, copy and paste this- Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 1
08/09/2015 SALAD SPINNER Remove the agitator on your "salad spinner" to allow for easier loading and more space. We can now more efficiently load, spin dry, and unload our baby kale, arugula, salad greens, etc. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 8
08/05/2015 Open Pipe Kit The goal of Open Pipe Kit (OPK) is to be the missing plumbing between sensors and databases that will empower thousands of data journalists, civic hackers, farmers, etc. to collect data without needing a programmer's assistance or being locked into one data platform from a proprietary turn-key solution. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 0 12
07/29/2015 Grower Bot Growerbot creates open-source soil sensors and automated watering systems that make it easy for anyone to grow more with less work. Solar-powered, wirelessly-connected, and tightly coupled with software, Commercial Product "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
07/08/2015 Encyclopedia of Practical Farm Knowledge FARM KNOWLEDGE WIKI Based on a Complete Manual of Successful Farming Written by Recognized Authorities in All Parts of the Country; Based on Sound Principles and the Actual Experience of Real Farmers—“The Farmers Own Cyclopedia” Starting text for the wiki was published in 1922. The text was digitized and posted here for download for all who would like to contribute Concept Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, "Smart Farm" tools 5 34
07/01/2015 Cover Crop Roller This tool is used to roll standing annual cover crops and crimp the stem to prevent regrowth and create a heavy mulch in place that can be planted through using no-till drills, planters and transplanters. This tool entry is based on the Rodale Institute's open source design, and updated by ADABIO Commercial Product Planting, Soil management, Water, Energy 2 23
06/28/2015 Cold Storage Trailer Portable cold room - using 10ft trailer, coolbot and air conditioner. Crop storage, Post Harvest 0 4
05/17/2015 Water Wheel Transplanter Makes it easy to plant seedlings quickly with minimum labor. Prototype Planting, Irrigation and Water Management 1 23
05/07/2015 Solar Powered Lazy Weeder A slow but efficient - and easy on the back - device for weeding vegetable beds of about 30 metres in length. Powered by a solar panel, the platform and weeder are slowly drawn along the bed by a winch turned by recycled materials found around the farm. Lazy transplanter in planning phase! Prototype 0 1
05/06/2015 Auto-fill High Output Temperature Controlled Humidifier This project turns a 5 gallon bucket into a high capacity (4 gal/day), automatic fill humidifier. The bucket serves as a reservoir for the water and also as a mounting platform for the parts required to operate the humidifier. Water heated to a know temperature will transfer a predictable amount of water vapor to an air stream of a known temperature and humidity (wet bulb temperature). We use this property to develop a highly controlled humidifier using a temperature control to sense water temperature and control the heater, tank deicer for heat, and a CPU fan for air flow. We also add a toilet fill valve to the assembly to allow for automatic fill of the humidifier. Ready to Build Crop storage, Irrigation and Water Management, Post Harvest, Water 1 10
05/05/2015 SEEDS: The Game IOS, Droid, and Web-based app to teach sustainable farming and gardening techniques through games and social media. Real life challenges in coordination with local seed libraries, community gardens, farmers' markets, and cooperative extensions to document progress and unite farmers and gardeners through citizen science. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 0 1
05/02/2015 Farmer-Owned Distribution Network Proposals and betas for a POS and marketing tool for new farmers, to connect them to potential customers an give analytic tools to help them understand their market and improve on it. Hopefully to be implemented with a robust distribution and database system to cut down on many of the organizational tasks that can often bog down and even prohibit the startup phase for new farmers. FUNCTIONALITY OUTLINE: ordering functionality invoicing/billing packing lists inventory management Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 8
04/28/2015 Row / Bed Marker The tool shown here is a row/bed marker that is rolled out before direct seeding or transplanting. It's purpose is to quickly mark out beds at 1' intervals with an in-row spacing of 11" so that when I direct seed and transplant, crops will be planted on a grid for easy cultivation, harvesting and will facilitate in keeping track of yields / plants per bed. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 6
04/28/2015 seedling plug dislodger For anyone trying to efficiently get seedlings out of trays, this is a simple solution. Please see the following blog post: Ready to Build Planting 0 1
04/28/2015 Root Vegetable Bed lifter This a root vegetable bedlifter. It was designed by a Local Potsdam farmer and we were tasked with improving the design. It is attached by a three point hitch and is used to dig underneath shallow root vegetables and loosen the soil around them, making it easier to harvest. Ready to Build Harvesting 0 5
04/22/2015 Multimachine The MultiMachine all-purpose machine tool that can be built by a semi-skilled mechanic with just common hand tools. The necessary material can come from discarded vehicle parts. Using engine blocks as building blocks is the first MultiMachine feature. Since cylinder bores are bored exactly parallel to each other and at exact right angles to the cylinder head surface, MultiMachine accuracy begins at the factory where the engine block was built. Ready to Build Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 1
04/22/2015 Farmier Farmier is a farmOS hosting service. farmOS is an open source software package for managing a farm's plans and records. Features include Farm Area : Identify your working areas (fields, beds, greenhouses, etc) using point-and-click maps. Farm Crop : List and index the crops you're growing. Farm Log : Keep track of things you've been working on. Record keeping, in other words. Farm Livestock : Keep track of animals and their movements. Farm Equipment : Keep track of farm equipment and maintenance. Farm Soil : Keep track of soil tests and view the soil survey map overlays. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 1
04/21/2015 Prone Position Weeder/Harvester Workstation Field tool used for ergonomic harvest and weeding. Could be used also for transplanting or any ground-level "stoopwork" Concept Harvesting, "Smart Farm" tools 0 8
04/20/2015 Record Keeping and Profitability/Efficiency Analysis Tool This tool takes labor, materials, and sales data for each enterprise and automatically generates various reports to, among other things, compare the profitability of the users' enterprises and the efficiency of the users' methods. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 10 27
04/19/2015 Movable Landworkers Cabin We are in the formative stage of designing a small wood cabin structure that can be transported on a trailer. They are intended to be used as temporary low impact dwellings for landworkers applying for residential permission to live on agricultural land. They will be made for home grown and home sawn timber, primarily larch and spruce; the maximum size will be 2.5m by 12m; they will have a kitchen, shower and composting toilet. They must be movable but we have yet to decide whether this means they will be built onto a chasis on designed to be raised and lowered onto a trailer base. We would be grateful for any advice from those who have also explored this idea. Concept 0 1
04/18/2015 Forest biochar rocket stove Rocket stove designed to make biochar and provide heat for cooking and space heating Prototype Soil management 1 2
04/18/2015 Nail holder with peg This will save you the problem of hitting your finger when hammering in a nail Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 1
04/17/2015 Compost Sensor Compost Sensor is an open source sensor system for monitoring and recording the temperature and moisture of active compost. It is for small scale commercial composting operations to help with quality control and the certification processes. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 5
04/16/2015 Cold Frame with Recycled Windows Use salvaged windows and materials to construct a mini-greenhouse for season extension. These cold frames can be used to warm soil before planting directly in the ground, create a micro climate for seedlings and starts, overwinter dormant plants, and more. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Planting, Season extension, Water 0 5
04/07/2015 Remote Compost Monitor As part of a master composting class I created a composting and computer science lesson plan. It teaches composting, and then includes a project where students create an arduino powered device to collect temperature and moisture levels of a compost pile (or anything, really) and then send it to a web application they create. Instructions, materials, and source code for everything is here. There are tons of ways it could be improved, as it was only designed to teach concepts. My plan was to leave it here and move along to another project, but I figured there might be some folks out there that want to collaborate make it a more useful monitoring product! Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 1 4
03/30/2015 Small Scale Threshing Machine Small scale threshing machine manufactured in Turkey. Cleans small and large grains. Adjustable vibrating screens. Stationary operation. Runs off pto. Here is a link to learn more about it. Commercial Product Post Harvest 1 1
03/25/2015 Root Washer An open-source root washer that can be built sturdily with NO WELDING. Thanks to SARE for helping make this project happen! Ready to Build Post Harvest, Harvesting 6 11
03/23/2015 The Free Farm Manifesto We lay the Free Farm Manifesto here editable by the community to help define what software and hardware freedom means to us and our goals for achieving that freedom in the tools we use in agriculture. Concept 2 7
03/22/2015 Self Contained Mobile Biodiesel Processing Trailer The farm based self contained mobile biodiesel plant constructed by GreenStart is based on a common aluminum beverage trailer platform. The heat and power is provided by a 3 phase diesel generator coupled with a 10hp air compressor. Each functional component is designed to fit the standard beverage skid of 36" square which enables swapping of components. The shutter sides provide secure weatherproof environment for storage and transport. The low deck height also facilitates operation and maintenance from the ground level. Prototype Energy 2 12
03/14/2015 livestock weigh scales A cattle farmer occasionally needs to weigh his animals, but weigh scales for cattle are expensive to purchase for the small operator ($1,000 to $1,500 or more). This is an accurate electronic scale you can make yourself for about $500. Ready to Build Fencing and livestock management 3 10
03/11/2015 Sweet Box Germination Chamber V2.0 A "sweat box" style germination chamber built using readily available parts and a broken chest freezer that provides humidity and temperature control. Early season germination can be inconsistent without a closely controlled environment for starting seeds. Commercial greenhouses use similar systems but the cost can be prohibitive for the small vegetable grower. This is a branch of the first version posted to Farm Hack ( Prototype Planting, Season extension 0 5
03/11/2015 Fido, the temperature alarm that sends text messages Is your greenhouse getting frosty? How about too hot today? Is your fridge still on? Fido is a temperature alarm that will send you text messages that you can build for under $100. Solder together the Arduino based model or snap together the Raspberry Pi based model. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 33 90
03/11/2015 Triangle quick-attach to 3 point hitch This quick attach system enables more rapid and safer changing of implements than a standard three point hitch. The design also enables use of a standard three point hitch if the tractor side portion of the quick attach system is not installed. Ready to Build Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Harvesting, Planting, Soil management 10 23
03/08/2015 Wireless Garden/Field Sensor Node An open source, wireless,solar powered sensor that monitors soil temperature, air temperature, humidity, luminosity, and soil moisture levels in garden/field Concept "Smart Farm" tools 3 4
03/06/2015 Seed Germination/Early Growth Chamber A seed germination chamber using a broken upright freezer. I got the idea from DGrover's "Sweat box" Germination Chamber: I added onto his design by adding lighting, air circulation, a heat source and temperature/humidity gauges. This is a functioning concept that is being tested right now, and there are still issues to work out. Such as preventing excessive temperature and humidity levels as well as other concerns. So far the expense is about $150 (not including cost of freezer), nominal compared with a manufactured growth chamber, thus enabling small farmers/gardeners the ability to reliably start quantities of seeds early and extend their season. Concept Energy, Planting, Season extension 0 2
03/02/2015 Home built no-till seed drill This is my home built no-till seed drill I use for planting legume mix winter cover crop seed in our stone fruit orchard. It produces very uniform seed spacing and depth with minimal soil disturbance, allowing optimum germination in our dry farmed environment. Ready to Build Soil management, Planting 2 6
02/27/2015 Mobile Mechanized Hops Harvester This mobile hops harvester was developed to bridge a gap for nascent Northeast US hops growers between hand picking and larger investment in a stationary harvester. It was developed by a team of farmers and brewers along with an agronomist and an engineer. Ready to Build Harvesting 0 6
02/26/2015 Tool Template Wiki A Suggested Wiki Template to effectively document tools. Remember that documentation is the technology's DNA that enables it to be reproduced and adapt, evolve and hybridize with other technology. To add a new tool use the "+Tool" button at the upper left of the page. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 7 30
02/26/2015 Farmbicycle Recumbent bicycle for ergonomic weed management, planting, harvesting Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Planting 3 19
02/26/2015 Prone Farm Mobility Vehicle To improve farm mobility and harvest ease, especially for wheelchair farmers. A prone harvest/ planting/ weeding vehicle Concept Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Harvesting 1 4
02/25/2015 Farmer Foodshare: Food Waste, Wholesale & Hunger - Food System Hack Farmer Foodshare is a food system "hack" to solve the simultaneous problems of farm waste/excess production, farm product marketing and community malnourishment. Farmer Foodshare (the organization) is a nonprofit in NC that created a set of open source approaches and inexpensive tools (marketing, wholesale distribution models) that link excess (or expanded) farm production with people who are in dire need of fresh healthy, food and community nourishment. The FF approach relies on 1) local food producers, 2) farmers markets or online hubs, 3) distribution systems (labor, transport, online, tracking), 4) marketing/communications and 5) institutions willing to use and/or buy the food to integrate into their hunger/nutrition and health programming for underserved communities. (Editor's note: I have various .doc toolkits for the "source code/instructions" for the Donation Stations, Food Ambassadors and POP Market models, if anyone wants them. Also have data on $ to farmers and the costs of running these programs, particularly as the programs grow customers and farmers. I would like to use this Farm Hack posting to spur others to contribute their food security systems innovations. Ready to Build Post Harvest 0 1
02/24/2015 The WiFi Farm Guide Low cost farm wide WiFi to enable remote sensors and any other WiFi enabled device. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Soil management, Water, Crop storage, Energy, Fencing and livestock management 1 7
02/21/2015 FARM DATA FARMDATA is an internet based smartphone compatible records management system for produce farmers. Focus areas include field and greenhouse plantings, harvest, pack, inventory, distribution, e-invoicing, labor tracking, fertilizers, compost, cover crops, tillage, irrigation, scouting, spraying, and seed orders. The goal of FARMDATA is to replace clipboards and paper records across the produce farm, from the field to the packing house and beyond. More importantly, FARMDATA is designed to save growers valuable time both during the busy growing season and in the winter when planning for the coming year. FARMDATA improves record keeping by using “smart” data entry forms that minimize user errors, perform calculations automatically, and store useful crop production information. 2 4
02/15/2015 Garden Swing Powered Water Pump Pump water using a regular garden swing! This model currently pumps about 3 litres/minute. Prototype Irrigation and Water Management 0 4
02/15/2015 Low cost pedalpower rootwasher Low cost root washer that can be pedal powered. It should be easily constructed on-farm. This is suitable for carrots, potatoes, etc. Can handle how many pounds/bushles per hour? This rootwasher was demonstrated at red planet vegetables 3/10/2012: Commercial Product Post Harvest 4 15
02/10/2015 Mobile solar powered electric fence I'm interested in others ideas and knowledge related to creating a mobile solar powered electric fence. This sketch represents my concept and the products available online costing less than $100. My goal is to allow two pigs the ability to graze small parcels of land similar to a chicken tractor. Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Energy, Fencing and livestock management 0 1
02/05/2015 ISOBlue Free the data: an open source project to forward ISOBUS messages from tractors over Bluetooth. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
01/29/2015 bicycle powered thresher,fan mill, and dehuller prototypes of a suite of bike powered tools for small scale grain processing; a thresher, a fan mill/winnower, and a dehuller. Many thanks to Olaf B-N for making this video: Prototype Post Harvest, Season extension 0 2
01/29/2015 simple butternut squash peeler This spike chucks in a hand drill and spins a butternut squash, allowing you to peel it with a grater (i find a half round sure-form to be a greater grater). There is a video at: Commercial Product Post Harvest 0 2
01/19/2015 Wheel hoe Easy to build, inexpensive wheel hoe made from old bike parts. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Soil management 0 3
01/15/2015 FarmOS FarmOS is a Drupal distribution and set of modules for farm management and recordkeeping. The end goal is to build a platform for farms of all types to manage their planning and recordkeeping in one place, available from anywhere over the internet. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 3 12
01/12/2015 Small DIY Aquaponics System This is a small aquaponics system I built so I could experiment with the concept. If it works out well for me I'd love to build a large version of this system but before I do want some working knowledge of how it works and any problems i might encounter before I invest a lot of time, effort, and most importantly $$$ into it. This way was a cheap and easy way to gain that knowledge as well as a fun little project. I also want to see what will grow well in the grow bed. Ready to Build Season extension 1 3
01/10/2015 SwitchBox Control Cell phone controlled switch for block heaters, fences or any electrical device! Commercial Product Fencing and livestock management, "Smart Farm" tools, Irrigation and Water Management, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 5
12/19/2014 Enterprise Budgets: Lists & Downloads A list of all the places on the web where you can find and download enterprise budgets. Plus, a one-click link to download all 1000+ of them. If you want customizable ones that are designed specifically for organic farmers, check out our Open Enterprise Budget Tools. Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 2 9
12/16/2014 Manual Seed Cleaning Box This tool was built to solve a basic sifting/screening problem in a simple manual way, but with decent capacity. It is designed to use readily available parts and to be stackable if you want to screen in stages. Ready to Build Post Harvest 0 5
12/13/2014 Tough inexpensive pastured pig waterer Pigs are tough on equipment. This simple water system doesn't tip in a pasture situation, stays clean and prevents the pigs from disturbing the hose connection. Water, Fencing and livestock management 2 3
11/24/2014 Poultry Water Heater I needed a heater to prevent my chickens' water from freezing and looked at what was available commerically. What I found was just too expensive, so I decided to attempt to make my own. Ready to Build Irrigation and Water Management, Water 1 3
11/17/2014 ultra simple dry grain/pellet feeder (food, wood and other pellets) about a year ago I started to investigate automatic fish feeders for my aquaponics pilot plant. None of them suited me: too complicated, therefore too expensive: wormwheels, automatic belts, lots of wiring, etc... The simplest way to move dry goods over a horizontal or slightly downwards inclined short traject is by vibration. So yes, I used a (battery operated) sex toy for my experiments, and it works an absolute marvel. There are plenty cheap vibrator motors availanbe, so the mechanical part of the problem is solved. But I will have about 10 fish tanks or more in my project, and fish are best fed at night, and the feeding is best spread over time so as not to overcharge the biologic filtration system. Wireless automatisation is the step in which this community can help. While I am familiar with programming PLC's, I find solutions like the Arduino not accessible enough to the general public. I have seen simple wireless systems to program i.e. christmas lights around the house. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Energy 0 1
10/25/2014 Agricultural Entries and Translations from the Encyclopédie, 1751 The Encyclopédie was the first encyclopedia to include contributions from many named contributors, and it was the first general encyclopedia to lavish attention on the mechanical arts, such as metallaria (blacksmithing, metallurgy), agricultura (agriculture), vestiaria (tailoring, weaving), architectura (architecture, masonry), mercatura (trade), coquinaria (cooking). The following sections first published in 1751 embody many of Farm Hack's ideals. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Soil management 0 2
10/18/2014 Dripwall Delta The Dripwall delta collects solar heat in a drip of water and transfers that heat under the soil to keep roots warmer. It is a season extender that lets you start seedlings a lot earlier and also the heat stored under the soil protects seedlings from night frost. Prototype Energy, Irrigation and Water Management, Planting, Season extension, Water 1 2
09/27/2014 Spike Tooth Harrow The disc harrow I have leaves large gullies on each side. So I built this tool to fill in and level out the gullies. It can be mounted on a tool bar or mounted right on the back of my disc harrow. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
09/21/2014 Raised Bed Shaper I built this implement to make raised beds. It mounts to my rototiller or a 3 point hitch toolbar. It makes a 36" wide bed adjustable height from 2" to 8". Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 1 1
09/21/2014 3 Point Implement Mover for FEL I designed this tool because I was tired of using my 3 point hitch or a chain to put implements on my trailer. I also use it to move trailers and wagons around. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 1 1
09/20/2014 Horsedrawn Root Digger This two-horse implement is designed to lift up row crops. We use it to lift carrots, green garlic and garlic for harvest, as well as brassica plants after their harvest is over. Prototype Harvesting 1 1
09/17/2014 Organizers Call An organizational tool for connecting folks working remotely from a number of locations. Regular google hangouts. Ask to be invited to join us! Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Harvesting, Irrigation and Water Management, Planting, Pollinators / Honey, Post Harvest, Season extension, Soil management, Crop storage, Water, Energy, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 13 2
09/04/2014 IFARM (Imaging For Agricultural Research and Management) Using low cost balloons, kites, UAVs etc. to create overhead, NDVI images, and spectroscopy for practical agricultural applications. IFARM (Imaging For Agricultural Research and Management) Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 4 39
08/26/2014 Greenhorns Library The Greenhorns Library is currently boxed up and waiting for the right space and time to become a resource for the community of farmers and researching seeking to fix our nation's food systems. Right now you can find our (under construction) catalogue at our LibraryThing page. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
08/26/2014 OpenHour A regular, curated internet meeting of a community which serves to highlight the activities of its members, offer presentations about tools and skills, address "problem statements," and generally serve as an open space for community development. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 3
08/20/2014 Poly Tunnel/Hoop House Wall Support This solution is the most simple, effective, and inexpensive way to raise and lower your poly tunnel walls. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Season extension, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 4
08/20/2014 Drip Line Installation Tool for Between Mature Crops Installing drip line late is a big pain in the butt and damaging to the plants, but it doesn't have to be. This ridiculously simple tool can be build with wood and bits that you have laying around your house or barn in a very short time. Once complete you will be able to install the drip line perfectly in place as fast as you can walk. All you do is attach the drip line to the back of the tool and roll it through the row causing little or no damage to your crop. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Irrigation and Water Management, Water 1 8
08/19/2014 Farm Cooperation Planning Tool The “Farm Cooperation Planning Tool” is designed to quickly and easily identify ways that farmers can increase their cooperation with one another and thereby enhance their profitability, sustainability, and enjoyment. While there is already a lot of cooperation among farmers, the “Farm Cooperation Planning Tool” can make resource and information sharing more systematic and efficient. Every farm is unique, so the spreadsheet tool seeks to highlight information that is applicable to any farm. The “Individual Farm Survey” asks questions about a single farm operation, while the “Farm Cooperation Planning Tool” compiles the survey results from multiple farms. Enjoy! Prototype 0 24
07/14/2014 DIY sewer pipe dibble wheel making help sheet, files, and parts. This is a help page, files, links, and available parts to help people make DIY rolling dibblers from sewer pipes. Ready to Build Planting 1 6
07/03/2014 Oat and Grain Dehuller REHULLER AND SEED SCARIFIER Designed for hulling and scarifying seed, such as Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Timothy, etc. It is a very fast working machine, combining simplicity of operation with efficiency and durability. It also does excellent work hulling oats. Its capacity is up to 100 bushels per hour on average run of Sweet Clover Seed. It can be used for breaking dirt or clay lumps so that the dust can be removed by screens. Ready to Build Post Harvest 6 19
06/29/2014 FarmBot FarmBot is humanity's open-source automated precision farming machine. Similar to a 3D printer or CNC router, FarmBot uses an XYZ computer controlled gantry system to precisely position and use any tool or sensor applicable to growing plants such as seed injectors, watering nozzles, pH sensors, moisture meters, etc. Visit for more information and please use our forum and wiki for questions and feedback. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 6
04/14/2014 laydown weeder Self driven laydown weeder. It runs on a 350 watts electric motor. It is geared down so top speed is around half a mile an hour, which is enough for weeding,( Most weeders don't go faster than a quarter mile an hour. ) and the advantage of gearing it down is its power. It weighs around 400 pounds and carries easily three adults of about 150 pounds each. The rechargeable batteries will last for three days on a full load. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Energy 1 1
03/28/2014 High-tunnel bed and trellised crops sprayer A bed and trellised crop sprayer for high tunnel use which will improve the efficiency and efficacy for application of crop protectants and possibly foliar feeds and other liquid amendments. Concept 1 1
03/27/2014 multi-dibbler A multi-dibbler is a simple tool to mark a seeding bed. Follow this link to a step by step explination of how to make one: Ready to Build Planting, "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
03/25/2014 Heated Greenhouse Table Heated greenhouse tables serve two main purpose on the small market garden veggie farm. First, it offers a place with a fairly constant temperature to ensure high germination rates. Not too unlike the Sweat Box Germination Chamber (, However, this tool allows us to continue growing the seedlings under optimal conditions until they get a bit stronger. Secondly, we can get some onion plants out to the greenhouse to free up room in our seedling room. We start onions and greenhouse tomatoes under lights in the basement, then move them out to the greenhouse when we are ready to start heating the greenhouse/nursery. Concept Season extension, Planting, "Smart Farm" tools 1 5
03/21/2014 Product Development Cycle For Small Scale Farmers Based on work by Sam Shepherd of Drexel University, this product dev cycle is intended for small scale farmers that cannot afford expensive tools. Work on this process is ongoing. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 0 3
03/21/2014 Farm Hack Event Tool Farm Hack events are a solutions driven social approach to identify gaps, skills, opportunities to improve your local enterprises and have fun building the creative commons. This tool provides an outline of the "bill of materials" and operating recommendations for hosting FarmHack events; from promotion, to recruiting partners and recommended skills, to appropriate location and creation of culture, to food, organization, critiques and documentation. Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 4 17
03/16/2014 small axial flow combine harvester This tool is for documenting small scale axial flow threshing systems, harvest heads, and grain/bean separating approaches that could be used to retrofit existing combines and facilitate local manufacture of parts or even whole combines suitable for research and harvesting small plots of grains and oilseeds. Concept Harvesting 3 15
03/09/2014 Commercial Scale Rocket Oven A fuel efficient, low cost, biomass fueled 24 loaf baking oven. Combustion technology is based on the rocket stove design, which uses an insulated flue and efficient combustion chamber to achieve high levels of fuel efficiency and low emissions. Ready to Build Post Harvest 1 9
03/07/2014 lay flat trailer A trailer design to facilitate loading at ground level, but that can be raised to a higher transport position without hydraulics Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 2 5
03/07/2014 Rocket-clave - A wood-fired autoclave The rocket-clave is a wood-fired autoclave. The rocket-clave was designed in order to reduce fossil-fuel consumption (specifically propane) in the production of edible and medicinal mushrooms. Concept Energy, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 10
03/04/2014 Horto domi - RobotGardener An Open Hardware Raised Bed Gardening Platform with Web-Interface through Arduino. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Irrigation and Water Management, Season extension, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 11
03/01/2014 Roll Top Greenhouse Bench In the winter and early spring, seedlings in the greenhouse need extra protection from frost. Bench heating systems can provide the necessary bottom heat but without covering the bench, much of the heat is lost. Farmers typically cover their benches with agricultural fabric, plastic, or both but putting this plastic on and taking it off daily is cumbersome and takes time. This roll top system enables one person to quickly cover or uncover the heated bench. Concept Energy, Season extension 4 4
02/19/2014 Equipment Lending Documentation and conversation around various equipment lending models. Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Planting, Soil management, Water, Harvesting, "Smart Farm" tools 0 6
02/18/2014 WordPress SeedBank plugin An open source community model for the worldwide seed saving movement Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 0 5
02/06/2014 Ground-Driven PTO Forecart converted from antique tractor This ground-driven PTO forecart is made out of a CASE VC tractor. We split the engine off of the rear end, and built the rear end up into a cart, adding a deck, tongues, a seat, and a railing. Generally, a forecart is used in between a team of draft horses and a piece of farm equipment and includes a place for the teamster to stand or sit while operating the machinery. For us at the Northland Sheep Dairy that means a 14 ft rotary tedder (tested and functional) but it could be used for many different PTO-driven pieces of equipment--perhaps even combines and balers. This project was undertaken at the Northland Sheep Dairy by Donn Hewes. Prototype Energy, Harvesting, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 2 3
02/03/2014 Guia de diseño para huertos Urbanos (Urban Agriculture Guide) This was my thesis to get my Industrial Design Degree. It's a documental investigation, created to aproach people intersted is this theme. The guide can be read here Concept Planting, Soil management, Water, Irrigation and Water Management, "Smart Farm" tools 0 2
02/01/2014 Modular Rigid Electro-Fence Flat stack Poly Panels 8"x2.5" with male/female structural and wiring connections Concept Fencing and livestock management 0 1
02/01/2014 Simple Pig Shelter A simple hog-hut for 3 to 4 pigs. Strong and sturdy, will last for at least a year without major damage! Ready to Build Fencing and livestock management 0 2
01/31/2014 Farmer Dashboard An online open source "farmer dashboard" is proposed, providing convenient, affordable and up-to-date access to a variety of information and expertise when and where it is needed (including mobile devices), aggregated and presented in a ready to use format supporting informed decision making, collaboration and innovation. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 0 3
01/27/2014 Low Cost Row Crop Header This low cost prototype attachment bolts onto a standard grain head to enable harvesting of crops like sunflower and corn without changing heads. Prototype Harvesting 0 5
01/16/2014 Modular building systems This tool is to provide a list of modular construction systems to provide the basis for standards, adaptation and discussion around the strengths and weaknesses and best applications of the various systems for prototyping and on-farm use. Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 2
01/03/2014 Orchard bird scare machines These are several types of bird scare machines that I have devised over the years to successfully control bird damage to my small stone fruit orchard. They are low-tech but highly effective and would be equally useful for gardens or small grain plots. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 3
12/20/2013 Mobile chicken coop This mobile chicken coop has two unique features: a simple mechanism for lowering wheels to raise the coop for moving, and a battery powered automatic door to let the birds out of the roosting enclosure in mornings. Thus it is simple to move around to provide fresh foraging, and does not require tending first thing in the morning. Photos, videos and descriptions are here: Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Fencing and livestock management, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 3
12/19/2013 Black Soldier Fly as a Feed Alternative for Aquaculture Main Street Farms received a SARE Farmer grant for on-farm research of Black Soldier Flies larvae (BSFL) as an alternative food-source for aquaculture and livestock. We plan to raise and breed BSFL in a heated green house year-round to find the ratio of pounds of larvae to pounds of food waste can be produced in a given month. The larvae will be fed cafeteria food waste, coffee grounds, and compost from other areas of the farm. Prototype Fencing and livestock management 5 2
12/05/2013 $10 DIY mineral feeder This is a makeshift salt/mineral feeder that is small, cheap, easy to pull around and simple to make.Great for sheep or small flocks of all kinds that require supplements. I used a $5 rubber door mat for the top flap, and an old rubber tub for the base. Inside the tub is a board that was cut to the contours of the container and screwed in place with washers. I then put the whole devise onto some short pieces of scrap as 'skids' and tied it to a short rope for dragging around the pasture to follow the herd. Prototype 1 1
12/01/2013 Open Enterprise Budget: Organic Eggs A collaborative Open Enterprise Budget detailing the financials of organic egg production. Includes projections for capital costs, annual revenue, and annual expenses that you can customize for your own farm. Prototype Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 2
11/17/2013 The “bed weeder” at Roxbury Farm NY This tool can be used in organic weed management, some use it also for harvesting. It makes the work more labour friendly. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools 0 1
11/16/2013 Vacuum Material Handler This material handler design, created at this year's Farm Hack in Davis, CA, consists of a vacuum system to lift grain from a truck into to hopper below the vacuum unit. The vacuum unit is located above the machine of intended use (a grain cleaner for example). Once the vacuum hopper fills up, the vacuum is turned off and then a gate at the bottom of the vacuum hopper is opened and the grain falls down into the hopper of the grain cleaner. Areas left for research include: vacuum type, vacuum hopper geometry, vacuum hose type, automatic shut-off to prevent vacuum motor overheating, and dust safety considering static electricity. Vacuum systems like these are currently used in wood production and water related industries. Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Crop storage, Harvesting, Post Harvest, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 1
11/11/2013 Mobile Distillery A mobile distillery, spirit-making equipment direct to farm and forest. Ready to Build Post Harvest, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Energy 0 2
11/07/2013 Passive water pump Wirtz pump, passive water pump. Paddle wheel pump on open water irrigation ditch fills elevated 500 gallon water tank which then gravity irrigates greenhouse. Prototype Irrigation and Water Management, Water 0 2
11/06/2013 Water Filter Biochar Generation System Fabricating a 200 L Biomass Gasifier for Making Enhanced Water Filter Biochar: The basics of biomass gasification: a low-cost, user-friendly and environmentally sustainable method for making good water filter char from agricultural and forestry residues. Open access handbook available from Aqueous Solutions, Ready to Build Water, Soil management 0 1
11/06/2013 Multi-Barrier "Nano" Water Treatment System Constructing a Portable Drinking Water Treatment Plant: A detailed guide for setting up a 300 L/day small drinking water treatment plant from inexpensive materials that can be carried on foot into remote locations and installed with filter media acquired/generated on-site. Open access handbook available from Aqueous Solutions, Ready to Build Water 0 1
11/06/2013 Multi-Barrier "Micro" Water Treatment System Constructing a Multi-Barrier Water Treatment System Using Local Materials: The basics of water treatment and targeted approaches for removing both biological and chemical threats to drinking water quality. Detailed instructions for building a ~ 2000 L/day community water system incorporating biologically active sand and (bio-)char filtration. Open access handbook available from Aqueous Solutions, Ready to Build Water 0 1
11/04/2013 Refrigerated Box Truck This is a home made reefer truck made from an old Uhaul diesel Ford f350. Utilizing a 10,000 BTU commercial reefer unit and spray foam insulation, this truck can keep produce at 40 degrees even on hot arugula-wilting summer days. Ready to Build Post Harvest 0 14
10/30/2013 Sailing Cargo barge A sailing cargo barge created to carry agricultural goods from Lake Champlain to Manhattan markets along a historic trade route. The "Ceres" has a length of 39 1/2' and a beam of 10' and can carry 15 tons while drawing just two feet. Prototype 0 4
10/29/2013 Drought Resiliance on the Small-Scale Farm Initiated by the Farm Hack West Slope Colorado event, this tool navigates water supply and drought management challenges for small-scale farms in the Western US. The aim of this tool is to foster horizontal exchange of on-farm drought resiliency technique and innovation while preparing for changes in water scarcity and water politics in the West. (Photo by Anton Croos). Concept Irrigation and Water Management, Water 0 4
10/14/2013 Food Solutions New England Food Solutions New England Network Team Concept 3 5
09/28/2013 Pick A Carrot: Seed Search Website is a customized search engine for finding and purchasing seeds. Our website is designed for growers of all sizes to easily locate and compare dozens of seed catalogs in one easy search bar. For certified organic growers, who may struggle to find the varieties they want, our green "Search Organic Seeds" buttons allows you to search only certified seeds available. Prototype Planting, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 2 7
09/25/2013 Cultivar's RainCloud RainCloud is a web connected irrigation system and application platform. RainCloud links computers and mobile devices to lawns, gardens and plants by combining automated water valves, soil moisture sensors, a wifi enabled programmable computer and custom web applications. Visit for more info. Prototype Irrigation and Water Management, Energy, "Smart Farm" tools, Water 2 2
09/22/2013 shipping container post-harvest shed/commercial kitchen This project turns a 40' insulated shipping container into a fully operational post processing station and cold storage unit as well as a commercial kitchen for value added processing. This project can be built in under $10,000 and combines several readily available technologies such as solar-hot water systems and the cool-bot so that a farmer can process, add value and store produce from a small farm without needing to pull building permits or worry about long term tenure. Ready to Build Post Harvest, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Crop storage, Energy 2 1
08/14/2013 Skidsteer quick attach standards SAE J2513 The SAE J2513 known also as the bobcat skidsteer quick attach has become a common standard for other tractor and implement manufacturers. This post provides standards and approaches to compliment commercial adapters already available. Commercial Product Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 5
07/03/2013 Resource List of Useful Apps for Farmers Having noticed a proliferation of farm/ foodie apps and services in the online space, a couple of us farmers got together to review the goods, and sort out the junk from the SUPER. Here's an interpreted survey of the scene. As farmers and activists who are deeply committed to both sustainability and innovation, we are happy to find some useful tools on the shelf, and ultimately urge developers to get grounded in the needs of the farmers and eaters, before making another fancy whirly gig. Concept "Smart Farm" tools 2 17
06/12/2013 Fish Tank Air Pump Herb Propagator The Fish Tank Air Pump Herb Propagator saves you time and helps your herb cuttings grow roots faster by supplying a steady supply of fresh oxygen to the stems and roots. This system is very cheap, using a repurposed restaurant 'fish tub' and an inexpensive fish tank air pump. Prototype Planting 1 6
06/10/2013 Oilseed, Oil, Meal and Biodiesel Cost Calculator The Oilseed Crop Production Cost and Profit Calculator is intended to allow farmers to assess potential costs and profits associated with oilseed production and conversion to oil, meal and biodiesel. Commercial Product Energy, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 1 3
05/25/2013 "folding farm" portable market going trailer Trailer tows behind a pickup truck to market and back several times a week in the summer. Built on an old pop up camper trailer frame that we jazzed up a little bit with some extra bracing. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Post Harvest 2 2
05/10/2013 "Folding Farm" Bike driven mobile produce trailer and display module "Folding Farm" is a bike towable and deployable produce delivery trailer. It was developed by the Sustainable Student Farm (SSF) and the Small Studio at the University of Illinois Urbana-Illinois. It has a tounge weight capacity of 500 lbs, which means a total towable payload of 300 lbs. It is used by the SSF to haul produce to a farm stand on the quad, an approximately 6 mile round trip. It folds down in transport, and then is deployable to look like the picture provided. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Harvesting, Post Harvest, Energy 2 1
04/21/2013 Mechanical Garlic / Cultivar Planter As a garlic farmer, we all know it is a very time consuming hands on type of planting and harvesting. It's difficult to find specific equipment since this farming industry is small. I knew there had to be a better way and I needed to bring this industry into the 21st century. Commercial Product Harvesting, Planting, "Smart Farm" tools 8 2
04/21/2013 Mechanical Garlic Breaker One of the hardest tasks in the garlic farming business is separating or breaking the garlic bulbs into plantable cloves. Labor costs are high and most hired help quits before you have all the cloves you need to be planted and to be honest I don’t blame people for quitting. Just like any crop, the more you plant, the higher the potential for profits. Most garlic farms are small because it’s very time consuming from planting to harvest. Commercial Product "Smart Farm" tools 1 2
04/05/2013 Shave Horse This is an heirloom technology so wood shaping. Used to make tool handles, chair legs, paddles, etc. Ready to Build Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 3
03/20/2013 Temperature Data Logger This is a very basic temperature data logger built off of an Arduino microcontroller. This will be the basis for expanded projects around measuring and logging temperature Prototype "Smart Farm" tools 2 9
03/12/2013 Solar Powered Greenhouse Ventilation This is the first phase of a project to build a solar-powered automated greenhouse ventilation system. Farmhack NYC will also host a meet-up design session for this project. Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Season extension, Energy 3 7
02/27/2013 Crop Planning Software Crop Planning Software helps to manage crop planning on intensive market farms. Create planting schedules, estimate yields, calculate seed needed and more. It is a free and open source software project for Mac, Windows and Linux. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 2 3
02/21/2013 Draft Horse Loggin Scoot (sled) A simple logging scoot(aka sled) for taking trees out of a woodlot with draft horses. Prototype 0 4
02/11/2013 Horse Drawn Snowplow This is a snowplow built by Donn Hewes at the Northland Sheep Dairy. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 1
01/28/2013 Cooler Inventory Tags quickly and easily inventory contents of walk-in cooler and identify harvest date for all produce in cooler. Crop storage, Post Harvest 0 2
01/28/2013 Rebar Hangers U-shaped rebar hangers and install on both sides of the high- tunnel to hold the rebar when it isn't in use. Ready to Build Season extension 0 2
01/28/2013 Transplanter Mount hydraulically offsettable 3pt hitch mount for the transplanter so that 1, 2 or 3 row beds can be easily planted with a single row transplanter Prototype Planting 0 2
01/28/2013 Drip tape winder/cleaner a drip tape winder that can rewind up to 500’ of drip tape onto a plastic core. The winder should be easily mounted on a harvest cart or loader. Install brushes on the winder to clean the tape as it is wound. Ready to Build Irrigation and Water Management 4 2
01/28/2013 HDPE Tote Lids for Walk-in Cooler Produce Totes 1/8” sheets of HDPE (a smooth easily cleanable plastic used for cutting boards and tabletops in food service) were cut to size and are used to cover the top tote in each stack of totes in the cooler. Ready to Build 0 2
01/28/2013 Bed Flamer (Hand pulled) 18” wide 4 burner bed flamer with backpack mounted propane tank that can be pulled down the bed. Prototype Soil management 3 2
01/12/2013 Rover - Remote Electric Fence Switch by Text Message Turn your electric fence on or off with a text message. Get text alerts of power failures (and thus fence outages). Find a short or a broken section of fence way out in the pasture? No need to walk all the way back to the barn to turn the fence off to fix it (nor to "grin and bear it" while you fix it); just a send a text and in a few seconds the fence will be safe to work on. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Fencing and livestock management 4 6
01/10/2013 Sub-irrigated raised planter This concept is meant to provide consistent soil moisture levels to gardens with spotty or insufficient access to water. It take the idea of a sub-irrigated planter and applies it to an entire raised bed. Concept Irrigation and Water Management, Water 0 2
01/10/2013 electronic flame weeder ignition/electronic LP solenoid on/off A 12 volt electronic solenoid valve will be used to turn LP gas on and deliver fuel to the flame weeder burner. Flipping the same switch will also activate a circuit which checks the temperature at the burner using a thermocouple. If no flame is detected (temperature reading is under a measurable threshold) an ignition spark is sent through a ceramic coated ignition wire to the burner. If the flame blows out during use, a spark is sent to the burner. To turn off the fuel at the end of a bed, the switch is flipped to the "off" position closing the solenoid valve. Prototype 4 11
12/27/2012 small scale egg washing A summary of exisiting egg washing technologies and some discussion of merits/goals of small scale egg washing, hopefully some designs and prototypes to follow... Concept Fencing and livestock management, Harvesting, Water, Post Harvest 0 4
12/15/2012 Multi rack Heavy duty cargo rack for bicycles and electricity generation. Prototype Energy, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 0 6
12/12/2012 Garlic Clove Separator A mechanical garlic bulb breaker/clove separator. Prototype "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Planting 1 15
12/12/2012 Roostmobile A mobile roost for poultry production. Keep those Turklers happy. An easy, inexpensive way for poultry to enjoy free-range activities during the day and access to supplementary feed and water while having the safety of a predator-free roost at night. Ready to Build Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Fencing and livestock management 0 4
12/12/2012 DIY Farm/Bike Trailer A bulletproof, versatile, inexpensive bike trailer. For $20. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Post Harvest, Harvesting, Fencing and livestock management, Energy 0 4
12/10/2012 Electric tractor conversion There is already fantastic documentation of how to convert an Allis Chalmers model "G" tractor to run on an electric motor at This Farm Hack page serves as a repository for new information, modifications, add-ons, and useful advice on these conversions. Ready to Build Soil management, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Planting 2 17
11/26/2012 Mobile Wash Station Low-cost DIY, mobile wash station for increasing efficiency in post-harvest processing. Needs exterior hose or spigot to use. The partnership was Elise McMahon, Liam Turkle, Fay Strongin and Tess Brown-Lavoie (both from Sidewalk Ends Farm in Providence, RI). We started working on it at FarmHack RISD and then finished it on 12 May in Providence. Prototype Post Harvest, Water 0 2
11/04/2012 Solar powered inflation blower An easy-to-build solar powered inflation blower useful for greenhouses that use two layers of covering and no power is available. Ready to Build Season extension 1 6
10/21/2012 Open Irrigation Controller System The goal of this project is to create a wireless and networked irrigation control system for greenhouses. The end goal is to provide a user-interface (UI) from which a farmer could see a map of their nodes, monitor their sensor readings, actuate valves in real-time, develop a schedule, and implement logic in response to sensor readings. Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Irrigation and Water Management 3 3
10/20/2012 Garlic planting implement Garlic is labor intensive to plant as the cloves should ideally be planted with the clove base down, so that the plant does not need to waste energy growing around the clove in order to reach the surface. Our Farm Hack Ithaca conversation explored ideas to mechanize this hand-selection and planting process. Not sure if this description is properly placed in this location on website. Apologies from a new user. Concept Planting 0 5
09/03/2012 Farm Item Locator Locates and tracks items in a defined area (several acres). Uses 3 or more "anchor points" to locate the position of any tag within the area defined by the anchor points. Tags must be low cost, but the anchor points can be $100+ each. Concept "Smart Farm" tools, Fencing and livestock management, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop 12 2
09/03/2012 Books This is a list of books that people have found useful in running a farm. Typically How-To or books explaining tools and techniques. Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Crop storage, Pollinators / Honey, Fencing and livestock management, Harvesting, Energy, Irrigation and Water Management, Planting, Post Harvest, Season extension, Water, Soil management, "Smart Farm" tools 1 1
09/02/2012 Multi-purpose cultivation implement A multi-purpose implement for use with a single draft animal or smaller team. Known as "Anny's All-in-One" by the original creator Prototype Soil management 1 12
08/07/2012 Vegetable Washing Station As a part of the Morven Summer Institute, a group of students from the University of Virginia created this Vegetable Washing Station in order to aid small farmers in harvest efficiency. The station is meant to be in or near the field in order to streamline the harvest-to-market process and help with the negative affects of vegetables wilting due to field heat. The Vegetable Washing Station and How-To Guide were created by Jenna Godfrey, Doug Beach, and Cristina Maldonado at the Morven Summer Institute in 2011. Ready to Build Post Harvest 0 2
06/21/2012 Modified Berry Picker/path weeder A modified berry picking design where the user lays in a prone position hovering over a row crop and weeding or harvesting. The wheels sit in the pathways as the user moves through the row. The cultivator blade removes weeds from pathways. Concept Harvesting 0 1
06/11/2012 Simple Top Bar Bee Hive This low cost and simple bee hive is designed to mimic nature as much as possible. Unlike commercial hives, it does not have frames, foundation or excluders. It is a perfect beginners backyard hive. This content has an instructables entry called "The Honey Cow" Ready to Build Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Pollinators / Honey 0 11
05/16/2012 Pedal-Powered Power Tools A stationary human powered generator that provides a power take off to run various other tools 0 8
05/01/2012 Micro Hydro Basics and Case Study Small scale hydropower is an inexpensive and relatively simple way to produce reliable energy. Here are some resources and case studies as an introduction to DIY hydro. Concept Energy, Universal farm infrastructure/farm shop, Water 0 2
04/16/2012 Solar-powered Chicken Tractor Solar-Powered Auto-Driving Chicken Tractor. Ready to Build "Smart Farm" tools, Energy, Fencing and livestock management 1 2
04/13/2012 Small Scale Thresher This small thresher was built mostly from scrap lumber and metal stock I could obtain in my local hardware store. I do not have a welder so used a threaded rod, lock washers, and nuts to assemble the threshing bars. Prototype Post Harvest 2 2
03/21/2012 Low-cost mobile hoop house Moveable 16' X 48' Hoop house compatible with year-round vegetable growing rotations as described in "The Four Season Harvest" and elsewhere that is large enough to be useful but small enough to be constructed on farm with basic tools and easily sourced materials. Hoop house uses multiple independent wheel assemblies during moves that enable one or two persons to move the house manually. Prototype Season extension 3 13
03/16/2012 Farmhack Starter Sometimes one person doesn't have the resources or see the need to develop a tool on their own. If only they could get funding or some kind of hourly compensation for their development efforts. They could take it to Kickstarter, but what's the point when less than 1% of Americans farm? Farmhack Starter is a forum for developers to seek funds from farmers and other end users. Simply create topic in the forum explaining your project, your budget, and see how the community responds. Perhaps they can pledge their own funds or can help you find a grant that will get you where you want to go. This is also a place for the reverse process: create a bounty for a tool that you'd like to see. Perhaps you can pledge $x or find grants that would apply to this tool but need to find somebody with the time, skills, and/or knowledge to develop it. Concept 4 1
03/01/2012 The 72 Plant Vertical Garden The vertical garden is a space saving way to grow up to 72 small plants (such as lettuce, spinach, strawberries and lots of different herbs) all with the plant health benefits of hydroponics. The Vertical Garden is designed with modularity in mind, to be brought into the greenhouse and installed as a single unit, with only connection to the existing plumbing required before you're ready to grow. The installation of additional Vertical Garden units should be quick and easy. Prototype Season extension 0 2
03/01/2012 Underground Rainwater Storage in an IBC with Pumped Supply Budget pumped rainwater storage. Commercial rainwater storage can be several thousand pounds. To save money I wondered if you could bury an IBC and it turns out you can ! Here's a complete pumped rain water system for about GBP 100. Ready to Build Irrigation and Water Management 0 2
03/01/2012 A (Mostly) Self-conatained Condensate Recycler If you have a cooler, whether it's a compressor/condenser style or an evaporative, or swamp cooler, there is always going to be some waste water involved. During the 100+ season, this is especially true, and it can create problems like unwanted weed growth around your machine and possibly damage to your foundation. In addition, the tap water here is piped in from remote locations and it's finite. Waste is dumb when you can prevent it easily, so I looked around for materials to create a solution. This tool could be useful for farms that use a Coolbot system to run their cold storage. Or, any other uses you can think of! Ready to Build Irrigation and Water Management 0 2
02/29/2012 Geodetic Greenhouse 30 ft. diameter dome greenhouse Prototype Season extension 0 3