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Teamwork/Compensation discussion group notes

Teamwork, Compensation
Part 1: Need is stated by the farmer and/or end-user
Part 2: Team is formed around that need: who brings what to the table, who needs what kind of compensation
Part 3: Team works on a project; project is open-source within the team
Part 4: Product is put under Creative Commons license. Are some parts kept proprietary? Can service-based parts be marketed instead of the keeping the design proprietary?
# Models for incentivizing open source development:
End user can estimate $$ saved in the long run by implement, then divvy up that amount among team members?
The development process might be too expensive for this method
Maybe only start projects with more than one user requesting — kind of making sure there's a market
There's a fear that a large company might take designs to mass-produce — would a Creative Commons license protect from that?
The process's primary usefulness is to reduce the cost of prototyping
quirky.com –> possible model of compensation for contributors?
# Tools for creating efficiencies in open source development:
Can you get parts from other users? i.e. resource sharing
idea: "sharepoint" type of page for team members to share info before it's ready to publish to the wiki
The FarmHack community provides a template for project structure/collaboration/compensation based on scope/scale — but the rest happens offline
wiki page for a project contains basic info about project, contact info, etc
documentation always happens on the wiki
anyone who wants to be a part of the FarmHack community should follow the guidelines
FarmHack needs to connect farmers' needs with designers & engineers who can meet those needs
maybe the people who participate aren't those who need compensation, at least in the traditional way
Conclusions (maybe):
• A way to search through ideas and projects
• Project development might not be part of FarmHack after all
• Website design for proposals — proposing, building teams, etc
• A project flow template?

That's a summary of what we discussed in the group — essentially discussing the incentives and methods by which people can participate in open-source communities.