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Project for a dev school

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I've read during few hours lot's of content of the farmhack's website, and it's simply awesome. It give me lot's of ideas and I need some.

I'm trying to prepare a dev training soon in a school where I can be accepted if my project is a "digital projects relating to the general interest, education and social and solidarity economy". I'm french and I love the young farmers community. Some people leave the city to go back to the fields. I would like to help them with my project.

I had few ideas that I will explain below:

  • The first idea is realy related to the Farm Hack 2.0. I've read the hackpad and it's nearly what I have thought. I've wanted to make a website for farmers to share their knowledges about cultur, farming in general, field management, administrive management... Something with a page related to a farm with users access, pools/groups related to a type of chickens, culture, regions, etc...

  • It can be also a "virtual" farms for young farmers. They can add lot's of infos about their farms (plans, weather conditions, type of culture they want to do, budget) and others farmers can give them some advices.

  • They have also some old books (a french one) that are now in public access that I would like to integrate in a more accessible way to let people know other old culture technics who can be realy useful.

For all of this I would like to make something that can be used offline and sync later, with a mobile version, and with data easily downloadable to use on other software, visualized them, etc... and open source of course.

I you have any advices, feedbacks, comments, tell me !

Thanks in advance

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Hi Benoit, Thanks for reaching out. Hearing others thoughts related to Farm Hack 2.0 is a big help. Our next step is to do a prototype but in order to do that I have to decide on an architecture that makes the most sense to all those helping out. There is a diverse set of skills of those involved (Drupal, Rails, Node) so I'm starting to consider prototyping an architecture that would allow us to use all of those skills. See the last item I added here on Path 2.

The goal you have for Manuel pratique de la culture maraichère is similar I think to the goal for the Encyclopedia of Practical Farm Knowledge. Check it out.

  • RJ Steinert
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Hello R.J.

Thanks for your answer. I wil keep following this hackpad.

Thanks for the second link. Will have a look.