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Powered nutcracker design & how-to

I wanted to try putting this post into the Tool Forums section, but the system disallowed that (saying that that choice was not a "forum" but a "container"). So, **someone knowledgeable**: please move this, if it should be somewhere else. Also, I didn't know the right embedding procedure for Youtube vids for FarmHack forums... I tried a couple of ways that work on other web forum, but they don't work here.

This guy designed and built a drill-powered nutcracker. He shows the device step-by-step, in the making. It seems to me that it would be easy to set it up permanently with its own AC (or DC) motor.

The guy calls his Youtube channel "Sixtyfiveford". He shares what he's done and is doing with viewers - and some of what he's doing is related to homesteading, I'd say. I really like his approach.

Here's the first project of his that I ran across...