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Open Source Ecology Workshop Series

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Check out Open Source Ecology's new workshop series.

We are offering workshops at Factor e Farm and also at other sites in North America.

OSE workshops are intended to provide you with immersion, hands-on training in practical skills – so you can Build Yourself – and thereby build the world around you. The goal is to lay to rest the myth of technology – to tame technology so that it truly serves human needs – as opposed to humans serving the needs of technology. The way to such mastery, autonomy, and purpose is lowering the barriers to understanding and hacking the technosphere around us – unleashing both information and raw horsepower – ecologically and regeneratively. This is in line with Jeffersonian democracy.


Power Cube: July 10-12

MicroTractor: July 13-15

Gasifier and Biochar: July 16-17

Open Source Mapping and Site Design: July 18-22

Micracle Orchard: July 25-26

Afforestt: September 4-6