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Getting hand drawings into CAD

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The oat huller tool wiki could benefit from the scanned in engineering drawings being transfered to CAD files. Any one out there know someone learning CAD that is looking for a project? This would reduce the burden for the next to build.

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Hi I need to buy it to peel barley grains. how much will cost me ? Best Regards AJ

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I would recommend taking the design documents to a local fabrication shop to get a quote. For barley you will want the hammer design modification for sure (rather than the impact huller design which is fine for oats etc.). The second stage of winnowing the hulls and cleaning the seed is also important to consider. A clipper seed cleaner properly set up can get you most of the way there. I expect it could all be built for less than $2000. If a fabricator gets setup to do a small production run of kits, the cost could be substantially less. If you do build a version, please post your results and costs!

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Do you have any addresses of any company ,can sell barley peeling and cleaning ? pls. guide me, i will be very thankful. where the design documents ? Best Regards A.J note : aaahsj@gmail.com

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The tool wiki has links to the design documents - here http://farmhack.net/content/oat-dehuller-model-sr-50