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Farm Hack 2018 Wales

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We've begun the process of organising a Farm Hack gathering in mid Wales 24th to the 30th of september 2018.

Having issues, both creating an event on the calender and creating a non-tool wiki page.  Wonder if its my browser (Firefox 58.0.1 running in Fedora - all add-ons disabled), or are these features currently not available?

Will add more details as things progress

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Hi Darren, I work at Waag (in Amsterdam) and participate in the digitalsocial.eu project. Very briefly, I'm working on how bottom-up sustainability related initiatives (with a particular interest in food) can be better helped and sustained by digital tools. We're inventorying what are the challenges and what avenues seem fruitful. Would be most interested in doing a workshop on this (possibly in Wales). I'm also working on ways to support 'open source' types of initiatives. If that resonates, could you please drop me an email on (my first name) @ (my organisation name) . org? I'm also in touch with the Open Food Network UK and I'm involved in a food cooperative myself. 

Best, Socrates