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Ethnographic Research, looking for interview Participants

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Hey All,

My name is Matt Zucca and I'm a research assistant for Kelly Bronson at the University of Ottawa. I am glad to have found this forum. We've been searching far and wide for some people who have experience in agriculture, data, and playing around with agricultural tools. At the outset we were looking for people who 'hack' modern tractors and have experience playing with other tools. 

I will try to reach out to people individually, but if you could please direct me to the right people or areas of the forums I would be grateful. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to either me or Kelly at mzucc043@uottawa.ca  or kbronson@uottawa.ca

We would like to conduct some brief (30 minute) semi-structured interviews about your experience with farming and farm-tech. 

Thanks for reading, keep up the great work!


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Matt, in terms of contacts you'd wish to make, how wide a net are you casting?  Does it extend outside of Canada? beyond North America?

Besides Farm Hack, there are some other things I could point you toward.  One is based in France.

Looking forward to your reply (here, as a comment).

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Hey Joel, thanks for your reply. We'd be happy to speak with any English speaker, but we'd like people in Canada, especially near Ottawa. feel free to email me at mzucc043@uottawa.ca with your suggestions

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Have you looked into what Marcin Jakubowski and associates are doing?  Here's a link:  http://opensourceecology.org/marcin-jakubowski/

It's truly a wide-ranging, radical undertaking of design, fabrication, proto-typing and testing. Much of it is food-production related equipment.  I believe there are some other websites connected with their work, so do some Googling on Marcin's name.

They may have affiliates in Canada by now, so contact them and ask.  Good luck.