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Hi RSiegfried,

Thank you very much for your response. Great info here. The system you mention for $500, is that off the shelf or a DIY job? I'm trying to figure out what do non-tech farmers use. How much would the annual data package and cloud solution typical cost (maybe tricky to put a value on this I guess).

Seems that power is still the issue but a lot of progress here. 


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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the great response. When I say wireless I'm was thinking aspects of cellular and 802.11 but whatever is best. from you response, it is clear that power is a big issue so maybe something like Zigbee or SIGFOX used for IoT would be a better fit to reduce power consumption. But I guess you still have the issue of maintaining the batteries...

The watering idea is interesting, watering at night as I assume the rates are cheaper?

I would be interested in hearing of any off the shelf products or service companies and also interested to see why people don't use wireless solution more.


Thanks again,