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SmartPatch - Intelligent Allotment

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Hi All,

Working on a college project and I've been looking at ways of helping small farmers.

I've been looking at a new type of "smart" allotment (SmartPatch). It works in the same ways as typical allotments but you will have built in soil sensors and a Camera feed so you can monitor allotment from your phone. You could share progress with others online, compare and a range of other features.

What do ye think? I don't have an allotment so I was also curious about a few things:

- Is there a shortage of allotments?
- How much do they usually cost p.a.
- how often do people typically attend them (I know it probably ranges depending on how busy people are)
- What are the biggest issues people have at the moment with the current allotment set-up?

Link to idea below. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the Farm Hack Community!  Have you checked out the Open Pipe kit project and FarmOS on Farm Hack?  I think that there is a lot of overlap.  Would be great to get cross pollination going.