Custom 3D printable Jang Seeder Rollers

Tool Concept
Ready to Build
Custom versions of seeder rollers for a Jang seeder. So far, the YX-24 and LJ-24 are adapted to become YX-48 and LJ-48 rollers to double the amount of seeds that are planted per revolution of the seeder wheel. Instead of alternating seeds one at a time on each side of the wheel, our wheel drops two seeds at a time. We also made the holes slightly deeper on the LJ-48. May 1, 2015 - Added the YX-80 for arugula seeds. 80 per revolution.



STL and Solidworks files are available for download at the link below....

Please let me know what you think and if you actually print and use the seeder wheels. We used the YX-48 to increase the density of our arugula planting and the LJ-48 for our beet seeds.


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seeing the printable version gave me an idea. I have several wheels from some envelope handling equipment that I can drill holes into and use in the same manner. seems to be a better option than a disk as the rubber will give some and possibly reduce damage to the seeds. time will tell.