Rock picker

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This is my first be gentle ;-) Not sure I'm posting the right way or in the right place.

Like many of us, we have rocks in our fields...many rocks. While the idea of buying a used rock picker doesn't seem terrible, there are other items higher on our "needs" list. I'd like to help develop a ground driven, rock enough to move from farm to farm, but not too heavy to make unwieldy. It would need to track directly behind the tractor when being moved (so that being said, it'll be an implement not it's own unit), but then can fold out so it's outside of a tractor's travel path.

A unit that has a 3 scraping/filtering bucket (like a Degelman) seems to be a good design.

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Great to see your first post!  Welcome to the community.  It sounds like you have thought through your design enough to post a tool wiki as and mark it in the  concept phase.  The tool format also will help link your project to others and help refine the problems you are trying to solve.  I look forward to seeing your progresd and I hope others will join in to contribute!