Awesome tool, documentation possibilities

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Hi there, 

Thank you for documenting this tool. The price difference between your tool and a coolbot is significant ($300 for a coolbot at the moment). 

I noticed that you mentioned the greater flexibility and space for documentation on your UMASS site. An ongoing project for the Farm Hack organizing team is to increase the usability and ease of documentation on the platform. If you have a chance, let us know more specifically what you'd like to see in an ideal documentation platform. Keep an eye out for a tool section revamp before the end of the calendar year. Most of the coding is done and we're now just refining and working on tool migrations. 

Also, some best practices for utilizing this version of the Farm Hack site have emerged from the community, you can find them here. I personally really like using captioned imgur album iframes embedded into my documentation. 

Have fun and thanks for contributing!